A top-tier fiber optic front sight is a must-have for the shotgun fanatic, and I’ve found none better than those from HIVIZ.

by Jace Bauserman

I like to tinker, and recently, while giving my Browning A5 a deep clean, I noticed a crack in the front fiber optic. 

I had to chuckle to myself. I’ve had that A5 for over eight years, and I’ve beat it to death in pits, layouts, concrete ditches, etc. It’s also one of my favorite turkey killers, and I enjoy shooting trap and skeet with the humpback receiver shooter. 

I don’t pay much attention to the front sight when wing shooting, but I like it for jellying the head of a coming-in-hot longbeard and when I’m at the range busting clays. It was time to make a change. 

Choosing a replacement was easy — HIVIZ makes some sweet options, and I’ve replaced a couple of my pistol sights with makes and models from this shooting systems kingpin and wasn’t disappointed.  

My go-to was the LiteWave CompSight Bead Replacement Front Sight, and I cracked a smile when I opened the package. Of course, there was a green fiber-optic LitePipe locked and loaded in a durable steel exoskeleton. The best part about this system, thanks to the low-profile wave-like metal body design, is the user can pull out the fiber optic and replace it with another LitePipe. The package comes with six additional pipes loaded in a plastic slotted holder. The LitePipe holder has a locking chain, and I will hang this chain in my shooting bag to ensure I always have easy access to pipes colored in Green, Red, and White, and those sporting diameters of .110, .120, and .135. This is a great package and one I recommend every shotgun goer look at purchasing. 

Before diving into this innovative shotgun sight system, let me first walk you through the change-out process. 

The first step is to ensure the shotgun is unloaded and to remove the barrel. No, you don’t have to remove the barrel, but if you do and you place it in a padded vise, the process goes much smoother. You can also remove the barrel, skip the vise, and use a quality gun cleaning mat like Real Avid’s Universal Smart Mat

Piles of ribbed-style shotguns like those from Benelli, Browning, Winchester, and others come with front fiber optic sights, and the screw to remove those sights isn’t visible. Don’t panic. The sight is the screw. To remove the sight, use a hairdryer on the metal housing the factory fiber-optic sight is in (most will have Perma-Lok on them). The hairdryer will break down any locking agent and keeps your gun barrel safe. I don’t recommend using a torch or lighter for this step on any shotgun barrel as the flame can cause damage to camo dipping and bluing.

Next, wrap the sight in a cloth, use a pair of needle nose pliers, and turn the metal housing of the sight to the left. That’s it. Once you’ve broken the sight loose, continue rotating it left until it comes out. 

With the sight out, inspect the threading for damage and add a little gun oil to clean the hole. Now, refer to the back of the HIVIZ Shooting Systems package and see which screw — the pack comes with multiple threaded screws to ensure you have the right screw for your shotgun model — you need to mount your HIVIZ CompSight. 

With your hole and threads cleaned and your screw selected, set the wave-style metal bracket on your barrel (larger open end of the frame faces forward), insert the set screw, and use a mini flathead screwdriver to tighten the structure down. Don’t tighten too tightly or add Perma-Lock or Loctite yet. 

Next, select the color and size of your LitePipe, insert the pipe into the frame and push it back until you hear an audible click. The click lets you know the tube is correctly seated in the frame. 

Mount the barrel back on the shotgun and be sure, once again, the barrel is clear. Set the gun against your shoulder in multiple lighting environments and make sure the bracket and LitePipe look like they’re sitting perfectly and square on the rib of the barrel. If they are, remove the set screw, apply Perma-Lock or Loctite, and you’re good to go. 

Changing out a LightPipe takes seconds. I use a small Leatherman tool (Squirt PS4), which I always have in my pocket, along with a small piece of cloth to cover the head of the LitePipe and remove it. You can remove them with your fingers, but this process is better accomplished with a small pair of pliers and a cloth that will protect the LitePipe. Once the LitePipe is removed, select your next pipe, insert, and you’re off and running. 

Whether you’re looking to soup up an old shooter or want to replace a factory sight with a custom one, HIVIZ won’t let you down. I’ve shot these LiteWave Technology sights in every lighting condition imaginable, and the combination of the low-profile steel base and light-gathering fiber-optic work in harmony to provide remarkable accuracy. Plus, these sights are tough as nails, which means season after season of no-fail use. I especially like the red, round .110 LitePipe for springtime turkeys and when shooting trap and skeet. My waterfowl go-to has been the more prominent .135 green. The great thing is this sight system gives you options and allows for personal, right-now customization…something every shooter can appreciate.

HIVIZ LiteWave CompSight Bead Sight System Specifications

  • Fits most vent-ribbed shotguns with a removable front-bead sight
  • Sight includes five screws in varying thread sizes (2.5mm x .45mm/3-56″, 5-40″; 6-48″, 3mm x 5.3; 3mm x .6)
  • LitePipe Colors – green, red, white
  • LitePipe Shape: round, .110, .120, .135
  • MSRP: $35.95 

Born and raised in southeast Colorado, Shoot-On contributor Jace Bauserman cut his hunting teeth chasing ducks, geese, quail, and pheasants near his southeast Colorado home. The seed that was planted stuck, and Bauserman’s outdoor pursuits grew. He started chasing elk and mule deer in the Colorado mountains with his 7mm Rem. Mag., and coyotes, fox, and bobcats across the plains. In 2003, Bauserman started writing about his adventures. Today, Bauserman is an accomplished outdoor writer. He has served as editor-in-chief of Bowhunt America and Bowhunting World magazines and has penned thousands of articles for top-tier outdoor publications.

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