Early on in my archery career, I did what I have seen a lot of archers do:  Buy the best, most expensive bow I could afford and then drive to a big box store and get some discount aluminum arrows. I began shooting and spent days, weeks or even years trying to get consistent groups. After fighting this battle for over a decade, I decided to bite the bullet, and I ordered some high quality premium carbon arrows. Instantly, my accuracy went off the charts! I couldn’t believe that the arrow made that much of a difference. Like many bowhunters, we spend a lot of money on bows, sights and rests, but tend to compromise on our arrows. Some see arrows as an accessory.

Some of you reading this may think I am a fool for waiting that long. And you would be right. But I have seen a lot of people in that camp – shooting for years and not being able to get any better, but then switching to a good high-quality carbon arrow and seeing their confidence excel. To clarify here, there are a lot of factors that go into accurate shooting – form, function, confidence, mental toughness, steady grips, etc. But in my experience, nothing is easier than buying good quality carbon arrows to get the best bang for your buck. The adage needs to be, “Buy the best arrows you can afford, and get a bow to shoot them with.”

Hundreds of archers are very dedicated to their bow brand. Bow companies have spent a premium marketing their product as a “must have” product. Arrow companies are trying to compete, but they are not on the same level. After years of experimenting, trying one arrow after another, different brands, diameters, weights and styles, I have come to realize that selecting the best arrow for your situation is arguably the most important choice you can make in your equipment. And no company does it better than Beman Archery.

Founded in France in the early 1980’s, carbon arrow technology began with Beman arrows.  Beman started a revolution in carbon arrows and in many ways perfected the technology. In 1995, Easton acquired Beman and moved all the operations to Salt Lake City, UT where they are still being made today in their state of the art factory. Each Beman arrow is 100% American made! Before Beman entered the market, virtually all arrows were aluminum, wood or fiberglass. Some companies were moving into the carbon arena, but the true technology began with Beman, and they still lead the way today in carbon arrow technology for bowhunters. With the development of carbon technology, the archery industry was changed forever.

Of all the arrow companies in the market today, only one focuses solely on arrows for bowhunters. Beman arrows are all bowhunting, all American. According to Gary Cornum, Marketing Director of Beman, “Bowhunters looking for the best arrow for their setup should consider the ICS bowhunter.” This arrow is an affordable, straight and strong arrow for the introductory market. As Cornum says, “Nothing helps accuracy more than confidence in your equipment.  The ICS Bow Hunter line of arrows gives you that confidence you need to make one clean ethical shot.” If you are looking for a bit more confidence, consider upgrading to the ICS Hunter Classic or even the ICS Precision Hunter.

When asked why Beman arrows are so far above the competition, he said, “[Beman] has a very consistent process.” The consistent process produces arrows that are so similar it is difficult to distinguish one from the other. “Consistency is important in accuracy,” he emphasized.  Cornum stresses that a consistent spine from one arrow to the next is critical for tuning and the flight of the arrow. “We build arrows for bowhunters; we don’t build target arrows, or anything other than hunting arrows,” Cornum says. This dedication to doing one thing and doing it exceptionally well is key for hunters looking for the best arrow they can afford.

Bowhunting is a very American sport, and it is important to Beman to keep all its engineering, development and manufacturing here in the USA. Doing this keeps Beman at the top in the carbon arrow market.

Selecting the best arrow for your next hunt should include an arrow from a company that is dedicated to making arrows for hunters, dedicated to keeping jobs in America, and dedicated to making the best, most affordable arrow on the market today.  Beman is that company.

Pete Rogers is an award-winning writer, author, and host of Christian Outdoors podcast. He is an NRA Certified firearms Instructor and member of the Professional Outdoor Media Association, Southeastern Outdoor Press Association, and the South Carolina Outdoor Press Association. Pete spends at least 250 days a year afield pursuing his outdoor passions.

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