Brad Fenson demonstrates his prowess for wild game cooking with a new recipe for Turkey Soup.  Using great products like the Can Cooker, Hi Mountain Seasonings, and Camp Chef Stove can aid you at your hunting camp, backyard, or tailgating.  Preparing game can be intimidating, but do not let that stop you creating delicious meals year round.



Turkey Soup:

2 ea Turkey Legs and Thighs

1 T Hi Mountain Seasoning Italian Herbs

1 t Can Cooker All-Purpose Seasoning

1 t Can Cooker Seasoning Salt

16 oz Water

2 Onions – diced

3 Carrots – chopped

3 Celery – chopped

2 Bay Leaves

32 oz Water

1 Cup Wild Rice

2 Cups White Rice



Rub turkey thighs and legs with seasonings and boil in water until tender.  Drain meat from broth and save.  Cut turkey off bone and into smaller pieces. Combine last seven ingredients and boil for 40 minutes.  Enjoy.

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