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Rock River Arms Announces The New ATH V2 Rifle

Long-range precision platform


Colona, IL – Rock River Arms, a leading innovator in reliable and accurate modern sporting and tactical rifles for shooting enthusiasts, hunters, and law enforcement professionals, has just expanded its ATH line to include the ATH V2. This new model builds on the precision, long-range performance of the original ATH model, but addresses the needs of those looking to pursue varmints after dark.


The new RRA ATH V2 is chambered in .223 Wylde, giving shooters the ability to use higher-pressure 5.56 NATO ammo or allow them to take advantage of the inherent accuracy of the .223 Remington. For extreme-distance hunters and shooters, the ATH V2 offers the advantage of fine-tuning the balance between accuracy, trajectory, and bullet configuration to suit specific hunting or law enforcement needs.


Another nod to the needs of shooters favoring the modern sporting rifle platform is the rifle’s handguard. The RRA lightweight 11-inch handguard is made of 6061MILSPEC hard-coat anodized aluminum. It is a free-float design for optimal cooling and to prevent barrel torque. This design is M-LOK compatible, allowing the user to add a bipod mount and various lighting accessories.


The heart of the ATH V2 is its barrel. This is RRA’s heralded 18-inch heavy match stainless steel barrel that has been cryogenically treated for uniformity and features a 1:8 twist to provide ideal bullet stability for shooting both 5.56 NATO and .223 Remington loads. This is backed by the RRA two-stage trigger. Combined, the heavy match stainless steel barrel and precise two-stage trigger deliver a reliable 3/4 MOA accuracy at 100 yards.


Ergonomics are always important to predictable shot placement and are especially so when setting up in varying field conditions, whether professional or hunting. The RRA ATH V2 addresses this with an adjustable CAR stock for establishing the correct length of pull regardless of the clothing worn or the shooting position. For maximum control, the rifle includes an ERGO SureGrip pistol grip and a winter trigger guard, both of which accommodate heavy gloves necessary during extreme winter months.


For dedicated shooters in search of a diverse modern sporting rifle platform for long-range shooting in any environment, the Rock River Arms ATH V2 is the reliable choice.


RRA ATH V2 Rifle Specifications

Barrel Chamber:.223 Wylde chamber for 5.56mm and .223 Caliber

Lower Receiver:Forged RRA LAR-15

Upper Receiver:Forged A4 upper

Barrel:18-inch heavy match stainless steel, cryogenically treated, 1:8 twist

Muzzle Device:RRA Tactical Muzzle Brake, ½-28 thread

Gas block:Low-profile gas block

Trigger:RRA Two-Stage Trigger

Trigger Guard:RRA Winter Trigger Guard

Safety Selector:RRA Star Safety

Pistol Grip:ERGO SureGrip

Handguard:11-inch M-LOK handguard

Stock:RRA Operator CAR Stock

Accuracy:¾ MOA at 100 yards

Included:One magazine, RRA case, manual and warranty

Model: AR1562




For more information on the complete line of production AR15 style rifles and accessories, contact: Rock River Arms, 1042 Cleveland Rd, Colona, IL  61241 Phone: (309) 792.5780   Fax: (309) 792.5781

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