January 2019 Wichita, KS:  Veil™ Camo, the industry leader in scientifically engineered concealment technology, has announced that its Tac-Blue™ tactical camo pattern will be offered on the recently introduced Remington 700 CP bolt-action pistol (as seen on the February 2019 cover of Guns & Ammomagazine). The new Remington 700 CP Tac-Blue is the latest firearm platform to feature one of Veil™ Camo’s several advanced tactical and hunting-oriented concealment patterns.

Designed for long-range shooting and hunting applications, the Remington 700 CP is a logical platform to be decorated in Veil™ Camo’s Tac-Blue™ pattern. As with all Veil™ Camo offerings, Tac-Blue™ is the result of the company’s scientific approach to developing optimal camouflage for both broad-based and specific environmental applications. These patterns are the conclusion of exhaustive field research, laboratory testing, and computer modeling based on fractal mathematics and the chaos theory found in nature. The results are concealment patterns that provide maximum form disruption and almost seamless blending into any background.

In addition to the Tac-Blue™ pattern featured on the new Remington 700 CP bolt-action pistol, Veil™ Camo offers Tac-Black™ and Tac-Grey™ tactical concealment patterns developed for use across urban and rural environments, and is the developer of the 5.11-exclusive GEO7äNight, Terrain, and Desert tactical patterns.

With exclusivity among categories, Veil™ Camo offers performance-proven distinction for companies looking to separate their quality products from competitive brands. For licensing opportunities, call Shelly Moore, SVP Sales and Marketing Veil™ Camo, 225.223.8110, or [email protected].


Media Contact:

Media Direct // Kim Cahalan // [email protected]// 309.944.5341


About Veil Camo:

A company born to push the state of art in concealment and make it accessible in a powerful way through deep research and development. We unleash this powerful scientific approach to engineering camouflage that looks and performs like no other.

 Visit  Veil Camo.commo is all about pu

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