Lakeshore Shooting Products has developed a system that simplifies bow aiming and sight-in

by the Shoot On staff

Lakeshore Shooting Products has a new adjustable red dot scope system designed with bowhunters in mind. The Adjustable Red Dot (ARD) is a great alternative to pin sights that the archer to shoot with both eyes open.

With this adjustable red dot scope, bowhunters no longer need a peep sight or a kisser button. Simply aim the internal red dot and shoot. Unlike previous red dot scopes, the ARD scope comes with an adjustable click dial/mount so bowhunters can quickly adjust the dial and shoot at different yardages from 20 yards to 80 yards and beyond. Bowhunters no longer have to worry about multiple pins or not being able to see through a peep sight.

The ARD system is ideal for bowhunters who wear glasses or struggle with a peep sight. Bowhunters who already have a red dot scope can purchase a Picatinny rail mount so they can use their own red dot with the ARD mount.

With the ARD system, bowhunters have faster target acquisition and can dial in a new bow in minutes instead of hours.

MSRP: $375 and up.

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