Variable-speed scopes are the new must-have for crossbow shooters looking to change arrow weight for improved penetration and downrange performance.

by the Shoot On staff

Speed changes everything—at least it does when we are talking bullets and crossbow arrows. With more crossbow hunters trying different weight arrows and broadheads to either 1) increase speed to reduce arrow drop at distance by going with lighter arrows, or 2) increase penetration by boosting arrow weight, one thing is certain—the drop calibration of the factory crossbow scope will not necessarily be accurate.

TRUGLO’s Opti•Speed crossbow scope.

The scopes that come with crossbows from the factory are calibrated to deliver approximated (pretty close) drop compensation for the speed of the bows they are matched with at a specific arrow weight. It is this speed and arrow weight combination that determines arrow drop at specific distances. That is all fine and dandy so long as you shoot the crossbow with the arrow weight established by the factory for the crossbow/scope combo. Change the arrow weight (which changes velocity) and those 20-, 30-, 40-, 50-, and 60-yard reticle marks are not going to coincide with the arrow’s point-of-impact at those distances.

This is the reason speed-calibrated crossbow scopes are becoming increasingly popular and are a necessary upgrade if you plan to significantly increase or decrease your arrow weight.

The new Opti•Speed crossbow scope from TRUGLO is designed to provide precise drop calibration of a broad range of crossbow speeds and arrow weight combinations. This scope utilizes a glass-etched and illuminated reticle that offers drop compensation from 20 to 100 yards. To use, simply check the velocity (feet per second) of your crossbow/arrow combination (most archery pro shops have a chronograph or radar unit for this purpose) and rotate the speed calibration dial on the scope to match the crossbow’s velocity.

The system places the reticle in the first focal plane, which increases or decreases the size of the reticle and alters the point-of-aim to compensate for arrow drop at varying speeds. The Opti•Speed scope is designed to provide drop calibration adjustment for crossbow arrow combinations shooting between 215 and 450 fps.

TRUGLO Opti•Speed Crossbow Scope Specifications

  • Glass–etched reticle can be used with or without illumination
  • Enhanced crossbow BDC reticle compensates for bolt drop and provides accurate hold-over points from 20 to 100 yds
  • Speed calibrated magnification system scales the reticle and target image to match bolt velocity (215–450 fps)
  • Nitrogen gas–filled
  • Fully-coated lenses provide maximum brightness, clarity, and contrast
  • Adjustable rheostat brightness control
  • Durable leaf-spring click adjustments for windage and elevation
  • Wide field of view
  • 1/2-MOA windage / elevation adjustments
  • Weaver–style 30mm rings included
  • Battery included (TG988C, 3V–CR2032)

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