The venerable 1911 is built for duty, but reliable performance and a long service life is up to you!

by Lou Patrick

Much as we admire the top-end polymer-frame pistols on the market today, there’s just “something” about the solid feel, comfortable heft, and precise, all-metal machining of the original-pattern 1911 semi-auto. Whether designated for defensive duties or, being a favorite among world-class target shooters, competition, the 1911-pattern handgun continues to be a held in high regard over 100 years after John Browning designed the pistol for military service.


Yet as robust as the 1911 is, reliability and long life depends on proper maintenance. In the video above, we take you through the process of disassembling the 1911 and discuss the steps and materials needed for proper cleaning. Here, we’ll be using Real Avid’s Gun Boss Pro Handgun Cleaning Kit, which has everything you need to clean handguns ranging from .22 caliber through the .45 ACP. For our demonstration, we’ll be working on our everyday carry Springfield Armory MIL-SPEC 1911.

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