TRU-SEE saves boot leather when its zeroing time

by the Shoot On staff

We’ve all done it. Head to the range, zero our rifle at 100 yards, and spend most of that time running between the bench and the target to see where we’re hitting. Tiring, yes. Fun…not so much. A spotting scope certainly helps, but that’s something else to lug to the bench and money that could be better spent on ammo. Of course, if you need the exercise and don’t mind the time waste, carry on.

There is a solution in the form of TRU-SEE reactive targets. There are several models available for a variety of applications, such as handgun, 100-yard rifle, turkey, and more. We’ve used other splatter target brands in the past and, to our eyes, none present a brighter, more visible impact point than the TRU-SEE formula.

Available in fluorescent green or pink halo and featuring a no-glare flat black finish, TRU-SEE peel-and-stick targets can be applied to many surfaces. Each target sheet also comes with peal-and-stick cover dots to place over bullet holes to extend target life. We especially like the 100-yard version for optic zeroing because the 1-inch/.25-inch grid demarcations provide quick calculation for making windage and elevation adjustments.

You can see the complete line of TRU-SEE splatter targets at

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