Multi-performance formula covers the gun maintenance bases

by the Shoot On staff

Real Avid, the leader in DIY for Guns® presents Gun-Max™ Gun Oil. Gun-Max is a superior firearms lubricant with a proprietary formulation that consistently outperforms in every important benchmark of firearm protection, including corrosion resistance, long-lasting lubrication under friction, and low-temperature viscosity.

Gun-Max, available in 12-oz. aerosol and 4-oz. bottles, contains potent inhibitors that displace more moisture and deliver extended corrosion protection when compared to other leading gun oils and CLPs. This new gun oil is also chemically engineered with advanced anti-friction additives that bond to metal surfaces and provide longer-lasting lubrication of moving metal parts.

Cold-weather performance is a mandatory requirement for a premium gun oil, which is why Gun-Max is chemically formulated to remain fluid at -20 degrees Fahrenheit and won’t become sludge when the weather turns frigid. Gun-Max Gun Oil provides long-lasting lubrication, ensuring superior performance with sustained high-fire rates, heat build-up, and mechanical stress.

“We wanted to create the most effective and best-performing gun oil on the market,” stated Howard Tripp, Chief Innovation Officer. “As the leader in DIY for Guns®, we have been very intentional in doing all we can to be the best gun cleaning company in the world. From our tools and kits to this new chemical line, we always hold ourselves to the same high standard. In this case, a gun oil specifically developed for high-cycle-rate semi-auto firearms that also delivers significantly longer lasting lubrication over a wide temperature range and extreme corrosion protection to protect guns longer.”

Gun-Max aerosol cans are equipped with a flip-up, two-position spray nozzle that folds down and stores with the can—no more lost straws. The two-position nozzle straw allows for a broad spray application in the down position or a precise stream application when deploying the straw.

Gun-Max Gun Oil, 12 oz. Aerosol Can (Item # AVMLP12A) $12.99 MSRP

Gun-Max Gun Oil, 4 oz. Liquid Bottle (Item # AVBMGO4L) $8.99 MSRP

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