TRUGLO’s new EZ-Rest Bowfishing Kit will put you on the water in a snap

by the Shoot On staff

Between turkey season and early bow season, archers often get a bit grousy. The easy answer for getting your bowhunting fix is to go bowfishing. The new EZ-Rest Bowfishing kit from TRUGLO aims to help you do just that.

The heart of the kit is the new full-containment TRUGLO EZ•REST™. Compatible with any bow using a standard-size mounting screw, the EZ•REST™ accepts fiberglass, carbon, or composite arrows. Its stiff, single-density bristles support the heaviest arrows shot from high-weight bows while delivering pin-point tunability. The EZ•REST™ works for both left-and right-hand shooters and includes two anti-rotation set screw holes to maintain alignment during the most challenging bowfishing excursions.

Included in the kit are two SPEED•SHOT™ bowfishing arrows. Made of premium fiberglass, these arrows come in a bright fluorescent green for maximum visibility in all lighting conditions for day or night bowfishing.

Rounding out the EZ•REST™ kit are the SPEED•SHOT™ bowfishing points. Crafted from hardened, premium-grade stainless steel, the SPEED•SHOT™ points feature a pivoting barb that provides exceptional penetration. Knurled texture on the replaceable tip allows easy reversal of the barb for quick releases.

TRUGLO also offers the EZ•REST™ kit with two SPRING•FISHER™ arrows tipped with SPRING•FISHER™ points. These 320-grain points include a five-sided replaceable stainless-steel tip in a design that allows fish to be released without unscrewing the tip and barb. Instead, the spring-locking barb is simply depressed and rotated 180 degrees, allowing the arrow to be quickly and easily removed.

For more information on the EZ•REST™ Bowfishing Kits or other innovative bowfishing products from TRUGLO, visit

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