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Taurus G3x

The Taurus® G3 Series continues the proven polymer-frame profile now in a hybrid configuration with a full size grip and generous stippling patches across the grip for maximum control and retention in any shooting condition, but a compact size slide to allow better comfort and concealment. The frame has an integrated Picatinny rail. Slide release lever is optimally positioned above the thumb for easy manipulation. The G3X has NO manual safety.
A refined element of the G3 is the 6-lb. trigger, designed with a smooth take-up and a surprisingly crisp, clean break exceeding that of typical striker-fired pistol trigger performance. A short reset promotes quick, controlled follow-up shots.


Versacarry Comfort Flex Custom IWB Holster

The New Comfort Flex Custom Inside the Waistband Holster from Versacrry combines the best of holster types with the secure hold of a custom-molded polymer front and the comfort of a leather and padded holster. The Comfort Flex Custom is part of the new Versatac line of Holsters from Versacarry and is proudly made in the USA.

The Comfort Flex Custom securely holds a firearm in place with the custom-molded polymer front and adjustable retention. The holster has an Adjustable Cant for draw customization. For all-day comfort when in use, the holster features a raised padded backing keeping the firearm off of the user. For firearm users that prefer an optic, the Comfort Flex Custom is optics compatible.

The Comport Flex Custom is securely held in place when in use with the Versacarry Belt Clip. The holster was designed with Anti-Snag protection so there are no snag points when putting the holster on.

The MSRP for the Comfort Flex Custom IWB is $59.99

The Comfort Flex Custom is available to fit a wide range of popular firearms including Glock 19,43-H&K VP9SK-Ruger Max 9-S&W M&P Shield- Sig Sauer P320, P365-Springfield Hellcat, XDM-Taurus G3C, GX4-Walther PDP.

Versacarry Comfort FlexCustom IWB Holster features:

  • Custom Molded Polymer Front
  • Adjustable Retention
  • Raised Backing
  • Anti-Snag Protection
  • Padded Comfort Backing
  • Adjustable Cant
  • Optics Compatible
  • Made in the USA

National Body Armor Advanced Plate Carrier with Level IV Ceramic Plates

Are you looking for a basic plate carrier that is suitable for all-day, everyday wear? Introducing the Advanced Plate Carrier. The carrier includes a one-size-fits-all, fully adjustable design and NIJ Certified Level III, III+ or IV  Hard Armor. Just add your accessories, and even patches if you like, and you are ready to go.

The perfect choice for anyone facing multi-threats from handguns or rifle threats.  The simple, yet effective design allows for easy load customization to fit your individual needs. Carry what you need, not what someone else thinks you want.

Comfort and fit are a priority at National Body Armor. The Advanced Plate Carrier is designed to offer ballistic protection that is lighter, more adjustable, and easier to wear making it the perfect choice for anyone who needs all-day ballistic protection. The one-size-fits-all carrier is fully adjustable, incorporates a single curve design, and comes with your choice of steel or lightweight poly front & back armor.

Backed by the National Body Armor Warranty. Each carrier is warranted against defects in workmanship or materials for 24 months from the date of purchase. Panels are warranted for 5 years from the date of purchase to conform to minimum NIJ protocol in an actual confrontation. Please refer to the National Body Armor Warranty page for specific requirements and limitations

Protection you can trust. All carriers are subjected to a rigorous internal testing regimen and each ballistic panel is NIJ Certified Level III, III+ or IV.

A Price you can afford. You cannot put a price on returning home safely at the end of your shift, but National Body Armor does not want the price of armor to prevent you from having the protection you deserve. The Advanced Plate Carrier is one of the most affordable options available, we do offer several payment options. Whether you use ShopPay, PayPal Credit, 4 interest-free installment payments, or government purchase orders we have got you covered.


  • NIJ Certified Level III,  III+ or IV 10″x12 plates
  • Heavy Duty Drag Handle
  • Modular Plate Carrier
  • Multi-Hit Capability
  • Maximum Durability

Fiocchi Range Dynamics 9mm

Whether you are spooling up for the next competition or honing your defensive handgun skills, it all comes down to time on the range pulling triggers. For regular practice sessions and high-volume training days, Fiocchi Range Dynamics ammo is the right choice. These cartridges feature full metal jacket bullets in several weights to help match your defensive carry ammo, allowing your training efforts to translate to real-world defense performance.

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