You’ve a lot invested in your bowhunting equipment, not only financially but in time spent setting up and tweaking it to perfection. I always seem to start each season perfectly organized, but after they kick off things begin to scatter, and become, well, downright battered. I’ve slowly adopted routines, forcing myself to take a little extra time to put everything in its proper place after every hard-days hunt, no matter how cold, wet, tired or hungry I am. Owning the right storage boxes and cases also helps…


Keep Arrows Safe


Before each season I carefully assemble a special set of arrows tailored to each hunt and its unique conditions, meticulously installing fresh broadheads and spin testing each to instill confidence that comes with perfection. To keep these arrows safe and broadhead edges scary sharp I store them in MTM Case-Gard Arrow Cases. MTM’s Arrow Cases allow affordably keeping a dozen assembled arrows ready for instant action. Foam dividers eliminate crushed fletching and broadhead edges segregated. I toss the works into my truck, strap it to my ATV or stash it in camp to have fresh arrows available should I need to refill a quiver slot or trade out for spooky-sharp broadhead edges after weeks of hard hunting. MTM Arrow Cases have accompanied me on a myriad airline flights, backpacking adventures and even Alaskan float trips.

They include pin-free hinges, reliable snap latches, stackable design and can even be padlocked. Rugged polypropylene construction shrugs off all manner of unfriendly abuse. The USA-made cases come in solid black, clear smoke and new Purple Camo. They’re offered in 24-inch (L)-by-5.9-inch (W)-by-3-inch (H) Crossbow Bolt, 33-by-5.9-by-3-inch Ultra Compact Arrow Case or 36.25-by-7.5-by-3-inch Compact Arrow Case. They’re affordable enough I own several to keep various arrows ready for different hunts (lighter pronghorn arrows one week, heavy elk arrows another, crossbow bolts still another, for instance). MTM also offers the Arrow Plus Case, a 36-by-10.2-by-5.2-inch case holding one to two dozen arrows up to 35 inches long and including four accessory compartments.


Organize Loose Broadheads


Storing loose broadheads between hunts has long proven problematic. They get tossed in drawers or dropped into plastic bags, or scattered across a work bench. Weeks later you have no idea what’s sharp and what’s not, so waste money unnecessarily purchasing new replacement blades. MTM to the rescue again… MTM offers five boxes/cases to keep expensive broadheads safe between hunts and organized for future outings. The new MTM Mechanical Broadhead Case, for example, is a compact 5.25-by-3.75-by-1.25 inches, the green case holding six folded mechanicals between sandwiched foam and two interior dividers. It’s compact enough to slip into a daypack or shirt pocket.


The 4.9-by-5.3-by-2.9-inch MTM BH16 Broadhead Box is one I’ve used extensively, including foam insert holding up to 16 fully-assembled fixed-blade broadheads, a clear lid allowing instant verification of available stock. The compact 4.5-by-8.2-by-2-inch MTM Broadhead Accessory Box holds six fully-assembled broadheads, two spill-proof compartments holding field points, spare blades or inserts, for instance. It includes built-in broadhead wrench.


Safeguarding Your Weapon


Bowhunting’s tough on gear, especially getting to and from the actual hunt, whether by air or pickup/SUV or ATV. A protective bow/crossbow case is indicated. The problem is hard cases are bulky and difficult to handle, and after arriving afield soft cases are more appropriate for rides in pickup beds, on horses or ATVs. Easton Archery offers solutions via the Elite 4716 and 4416 Double Roller Cases, Deluxe 3915 and 3615 Compound/Recurve Roller Bow Cases and Deluxe 4126 Crossbow Case. These soft-sided cases are tough enough for airline travel (especially after adding clothing padding), via composite armor shield and 360-degree exterior padding. They also hold a variety of accessory pockets, the bearing-equipped wheels making navigating busy airports effortless. Once afield they act as excellent transport cases. Easton offers simpler soft cases as well, perfect for keeping bows safe from dust, mud or hard knocks; including new models like the World Cup, Workhorse and Bow-Go.


Crossbows also deserve TLC while bouncing up rutted roads in a truck or SUV, and especially while lashed to ATV racks. Easton’s Cross-Go 4126 Crossbow Case is a good one, other options found in the TenPoint Crossbow Technology family. TenPoint’s Crossbow Case is padded and includes zippered gear compartment; Wicked Ridge’s Soft Crossbow Case including sturdy side panels to accommodate mounted optics and a large storage compartment; Horton’s Crossbow Case similar construction. All include carry straps and embroidered brand logos.

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