Sighting in a scope or patterning a shotgun is often a waste of time and ammunition unless it’s done correctly.  Aside from a safe backstop, you need a solid, stationary shooting table and rest so that the variables you test will transfer to a hunting situation.  Like a test tube to a scientist or a stethoscope to a physician, developing accuracy require certain tools for a predictable and accurate outcome.

Resting a rifle against a tree or over a log, may help keep the sights from moving, yet the recoil of a rifle or shotgun against a solid object will provide different results than when hand-held.  You want the rifle to shoot as accurately in a hunting situation as during practice and the proper shooting procedure will assure this happens.

Sighting in a Scope

Setting up a firearm or crossbow properly requires patience.  A “make do” effort, will yield inconsistent results that waste time and money.  However, a one-time investment in two products can provide years of service and may eventually pay for themselves.

MTM Case Guard makes the High-Low Shooting Table that provides a flat, stable surface that’s ideal for any type of gun or crossbow work.  As the name suggests, the tripod legs adjust to varying height as low as 18 inches up to an incredible 55 inches so that you can shoot standing up.  Independent adjustable legs assure that the table will accommodate uneven ground making a “range” from almost any safe shooting area.  Each leg has a pointed spike that digs into grass or dirt and locks the table into position.  Indoors, it holds well on carpet or a throw rug.

Gun ranges are most popular just before a season opener and it can be frustrating waiting in line or having to return.  The High-Low table allows you to shoot effectively any place where shooting is safe.  Also, most shooting tables require a truck bed for transport, yet the High/Low folds and will fit easily in a back seat or even behind a seat of most vehicles.

 Case-Gard Quick Rest

Aside from a sturdy table, a gun rest helps keep your aim steady for optimal results.  Gun rests come in many shapes and sizes including some that completely control the rifle.  Such maximum control can minimize groups yet rarely transfers to a realistic hunting situation.

The Quick Rest weighs just a few ounces, has a wide stance for stability, and a padded top that won’t scratch your forend.  Combining the Quick Rest with the High-Low table gives you a shooting platform that is ultra-inexpensive and portable.  With turkey season beginning around the country, here’s the perfect rest to test that your shotgun patterns where you aim.

Crossbow Friendly

Crossbow shooters relish the ability to use a rest to maximize accuracy and the High-Low/ Quick Rest combination will assure that your bow is dialed in precisely.  Gone are the days of “pie plate” accuracy.  Today’s high-speed crossbows can put an arrow in the same hole repeatedly at 20 yards.  However, you can’t access that kind of accuracy by getting “close” to the bull.  A solid rest will enable you to dial in that scope precisely.

As you experiment with arrows, target point weights, broadheads, etc., you want to be sure that you get scientific results.  The portability of the High-Low table allows you to make equipment adjustments in your back yard and develop confidence in your gear.  Experimenting with broadheads, targets, and other crossbow gear can get expensive.  You want to spend as little time and money developing your gear as possible.  Once done, you can fold up the High-Low table and practice in situations that replicate hunting like practicing off-hand, shooting from a deck, or in the kneeling position.

Work Bench in the Field

Few things are more frustrating than dropping a scope cap or ring attachment screw in the leaves as you make last minute adjustments in the field.  A pickup tailgate has done the job for many years, yet the High-Low table is easily leveled and won’t make ruts in soft ground.

If you need to mount a scope the night before the season or had to transport a rifle or crossbow over long distance, pop up the High-Low and take a standing shot with a rest.  Hopefully, you will only need one shot to affirm your scope is dead on, yet if it’s not, you can fix the problem quickly and hassle free.  Once you shoot from a portable table, you’ll wonder how you ever got along without one.  Here’s where to find more details:

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