Morrell combines the best of foam block and 3D targets into one.

by the Shoot-On staff

We love shooting 3D targets for the simple fact that they help us practice shot placement in the most realistic manner possible short of shooting the real thing. The challenge many bowhunters have with big 3D targets is that they’re not the most convenient things to transport or to relocate. Backyard 3D shooting is fine, but sometimes, moving your target into environmental conditions that mimic those found in the hunting fields really steps up the practice sessions. For this, full-size 3D targets aren’t the most conducive.

Morrell Targets took all this into consideration when developing their new Back to Back 2 Combo Foam Target. “What if,” they mused, “we created a hybrid target that delivered key aspects of a standard 3D target while offering the transport ease such as found on our block-style foam targets?”

The result was the Back to Back 2 Combo.

As the name implies, the Back to Back 2 Combo comes with two target faces, one on each side of the sturdy foam block. One side features a color-realistic turkey and the other a whitetail deer. Both target faces are incredibly detailed and about as life-like as you can get in a block-style foam platform. Not only is the relief detail exquisite, the target faces also include vitals.

For those just getting into hunting turkeys with a bow, this is good stuff. The turkey lungs and heart are clearly defined yet visually subdued from a distance to help you learn the vitals location when shooting at the real thing. Ditto for the deer vitals. Not only are the vitals well positioned, the target face also includes the spine, front leg, and rib bones.

The deer side is prominently contoured as well. While not as pronounced as a free-standing 3D deer torso, there is enough “swell” on the target face to allow slight off-angle shooting from the front or rear quarters.

Since blocks have four sides, Morrel made use of the two side faces to include white bullseyes. There are three large bullseyes on one side and six smaller ones on the other.

The Back to Back 2 Combo measures 12x20x18 inches and weights 17 pounds. A thick carry handle is integrated into the top of the target, making it easy to move around. The target is rated for 450 fps bow speeds and is compatible for use with field points as well as fixed-blade and mechanical broadheads. As with Morrell’s other self-healing solid foam targets, the Back to Back 2 Combo is weather-resistant, color fade resistant, and allows for easy arrow removal.

For more information on this and other Morrell targets, visit their website.

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