The newest broadhead from SEVR takes penetration to the next level for crossbow hunters

by the Shoot On staff

We’ve been huge fans of SEVR mechanical broadheads since they were introduced a couple years ago. Last year, we gave them a good field evaluation and filled the freezer in the process. Now, SEVR has introduced a model specifically designed for use with crossbows (although should you be looking for a hefty broadhead for use in a vertical bow, these would likely do the trick).

Called the Robusto 2.0, this broadhead sports all the features we’ve come to appreciate from SEVR but in a platform that’s built to maximize the high velocities and hard-hitting energy found in today’s top-end crossbows.

The Robusto 2.0 is optimized to fit crossbow arrows and weighs an FOC-boosting 150 grains (8-32 threads) for improved accuracy and increased momentum. Utilizing a 2-inch cut diameter Max-Cut 2.0 blade technology for improved penetration, the Robusto is assembled with a machined, one-piece ferrule and precision-ground tip. Crossbow optimized forward-pivot geometry prevents blade pre-deployment even under extremely rapid crossbow acceleration.

All SEVR models have the patented Lock-and-Pivotblade design, allowing the arrow to maintain a straighter path even when encountering bone or when taking acute quartering shots. Another key advantage to the SEVR broadhead is its Practice Lock Practice Mode. Every broadhead comes with a set screw that may be inserted into the ferrule to lock the blades securely in their undeployed position. Since the cutting edges are protected inside the ferrule, the SEVR heads can be used for target practice. This gives bowhunters assurance that their broadheads will hit on target and eliminates the uncertainty of practice broadheads. SEVR’s Stretch Cutblade effect stretches the hide while cutting for a larger-than-blade wound diameter for bigger blood trails and easier recovery.

SEVR broadheads are sold exclusively at For the Robusto 2.0 product info, go here.

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