The Carbon-Hybrid multi-pin sight delivers performance without the weight

by the Shoot On staff

That fancy, high-speed bow sure feels good when you grab it of the rack. By the time the bow is fully accessorized for hunting, though, the “heft” often makes its presence known—especially when you add in a quiver full of arrows.

Bow weight is best served below the riser for optimal stability, so anything you can do to minimize weight above the shelf is a good thing. That’s the purpose behind TRUGLO‘s Carbon-Hybrid bow sight.

The Carbon-Hybrid is constructed of, as its name implies, a lightweight carbon composite along with aluminum. This combination delivers the strength and stability you would expect in a hunting bow sight but without the weight typical of all-aluminum sights. Another advantage to the lightweight construction is reduced vibration.

Reversible for both left- or right-hand shooters, the Carbon-Hybrid is a multi-pin sight that can also be reversed to increase the vertical adjustment range, depending on your draw weight and trajectory needs. The extra-long bracket also delivers a longer sight radius, which improves accuracy when shooting longer distances. Long optic fibers help maximize brightness in low-light conditions and can be enhanced with the included LED light.

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