Ditch the plastic in your GLOCK!

by the Shoot On staff

GLOCK pistols are heralded around the world for their practically unfailing reliability. Serious shooters and enthusiasts, though, don’t hesitate to take advantage of improvements where they can. One such area that is ripe for improvement is the guide rod/spring assembly.

The factory guide rod is made of polymer with a captured spring. It works, yes, but the potential for flex and possibility (if only remote) for breakage leads many GLOCK fans and pro shooters to replace the original plastic guide rod with a more robust metal unit.

One company that makes precision replacement guide rode and spring assemblies for GLOCK pistols is Rival Arms. Their guide rods are CNC-machined from solid stainless-steel billet or tungsten for enhanced strength and corrosion resistance. To ensure proper cycling, the premium spring features the same spring rate as the factory unit.

Installation of the Rival Arms upgrade guide rod and spring assembly is as easy as cleaning your gun, with no gunsmith required. Rival Arms has a compatibility chart covering most G3 and G4 GLOCK models.

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