The HIVIZ Turkey and Deer Sight eliminates the “How can you miss with a shotgun?” discussion

by Larry Case

Missing your target with a shotgun is a subject in the shooting world that has always intrigued and, frankly, amazed me. I enjoy listening to people that have little or no shooting experience go on about how “you can’t miss with a shotgun” because the shot pellets spread out and all you have to do is “point the shotgun in the general direction of the target” and you will hit it. If you have spent any time on the trap or skeet range, in the field hunting with a shotgun, or just shooting cans at the city dump, you know this is definitely not true. (Do we still have city dumps anymore where you can shoot? Sadly, I doubt it.)

The truth is, getting on target and hitting the target with a shotgun can be more complicated than some realize. HIVIZ Shooting Systems has some very interesting sight options to help with this. Located in Laramie, Wyoming, HIVIZ is in its 25th year of business offering rifle, shotgun, and pistol sights.

HIVIZ TriViz Turkey/Deer Sight

Under full disclosure here, I have missed more than my fair share of turkeys. “How can you miss a turkey?” people who have never hunted turkeys will say. “They are so big and you have a shotgun” (refer to the above quotes about missing). Well, you can…believe me. By far, the most common scenario for missing these birds is as follows. You call in a gobbler (finally) and he walks into range. You proceed to miss cleanly because you raised your head off the stock and shot over the turkey’s head.

The TriViz Turkey and Deer Sight will take care of that.

HIVIZ’s TriViz Turkey and Deer Sight is a sight for a ribbed shotgun in a unique configuration. The front sight assembly consists of a bar with an adhesive backing and a screw hole on the end, which is attached to the rib after the front bead has been removed. Many Remington shotguns will have a press-fit front bead, not threaded, and HIVIZ recommends having a gunsmith do this job.

Four interchangeable LitePipes are supplied with the TriViz sight. These LitePipes have different-sized triangles on the end, which are used to sight-in the shotgun along with the two opposing points in the rear sight. In this way, the shooter aligns the tip of the front sight with those in the rear sight and you have a surprisingly precise sight picture that negates the need for a scope or other optic.

The taller front sight LitePipes will bring you down in elevation, and the shorter will raise your shot placement. The ingenious rear sight, which attaches securely to the shotgun’s rib, is fully adjustable left and right for windage. All of this is important! Many times I have preached about the need for hunters to sight-in their shotgun and know where the pattern is going. The TRIVIZ Turkey and Deer Sight allows you to do this with great precision. Likewise, you can tune in that slug shotgun for deer hunting with more accurate results. All of this will lead to more confidence with both types of shotguns in the field.

HIVIZ’s LitePipe Technology offers the simple interchangeability of LitePipes that is very handy in the field. These unique, molded LitePipes allow you to remove, replace, and reuse the LitePipe. This offers shooters of all disciplines the opportunity to customize their sight picture, any place, at any time. The LitePipe combinations offer quick and easy target acquisition in any light condition.

Give the HIVIZ  TriViz Turkey and Deer Sight a try if you need a sight for your shotgun. This is a lot of shotgun sight for an MSRP of  $37.65. Using this sight may get you into the group of people that say, “How can you miss a turkey?”

Larry Case hails from the mountain state of West Virginia, and has been a shooter, hunter, and outdoorsman his entire life. Larry served 36 years as a DNR Law Enforcement Officer, retiring with the rank of Captain. Although he leans toward shotguns, he enjoys all firearms and any kind of hunting. He owns too many dogs, not enough shotguns, and is forever looking for a new place to hunt. Larry loves to mentor new shooters and hunters. You can catch more Larry's entertaining perspectives at

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