Timing is everything with the new Surge full-containment rest

by the Shoot On staff

A well-tuned arrow rest does more than hold your arrow. The new SURGE™ from Apex Gear clicks up to support the arrow with no vertical movement on the draw and stays up when you slowly let down. The delayed trigger system is precisely timed to keep the launcher up to support the arrow during the initial launch movement. Upon launch, the high-speed actuation system allows the launcher to quickly drop out of the way, eliminating contact and providing a clean and consistent arrow flight.

The SURGE is easy to set up and comes standard with two launcher sizes to ensure arrow compatibility. It attaches to the downward-moving buss cable with a micro-tune cable clamp for a no-bow-press install. An additional clamp system on the rest allows the actuation cable to be adjusted from either end. The SURGE includes fully independent windage and elevation adjustment and a laser-marked full-draw indicator. The precision bearings provide reduced friction and increase speed.

The SURGE arrow rest is compatible with all carbon and aluminum arrows and is available in two different models to accommodate right-handed or left-handed archers.

SURGE Arrow Rest Features:

  • Delayed trigger supports arrow longer for improved accuracy.
  • High-speed actuation easily clears fletching.
  • Steady-drop technology reduces launcher bounce.
  • Precision bearings reduce friction and increase speed.
  • Quiet, full-arrow containment.
  • Two launcher sizes for maximum compatibility.
  • Attaches to downward-moving buss cable.
  • Laser-marked full-draw indicator.
  • Independent windage / elevation adjustments.
  • Micro-tune cable clamp simplifies setup.
  • Dedicate models for right and left-handed archers (AG750RB: right hand; and AG750LB: left hand).
  • Replacement felt included, and available as a separate item (Item number AG750RF).
  • MSRP $83.99
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