Forget the holiday shopping madness…we’ve made the picks that will please any shooting and outdoor enthusiast

Whether you’re looking to buy a gift for the shooter or hunter in your life, or just want to take advantage of some terrific products and prices for your own outdoor adventures, check out these products. They tripped our fancy, and they might trip yours as well!

 Bear & Son Cutlery Model 112 Folding Knife – Here’s a pocketknife that gets our full-on approval because we’ve been carrying it for the last three months—even skinned and butchered a deer with it and it’s broken down several squirrels for the pot. Thin and light are the key features of the Bear & Son #112. It’s 100-percent stainless steel and weighs a scant 2.4 ounces. This frame-lock knife is super thin, so it is the most comfortable everyday carry knife you’ll likely find. You can purchase the #112 factory-direct or call the company and ask about their personalized engraving service.

Daisy Adult Red Ryder 2-Rifle Shooting Kit – Nothing says Christmas like the iconic Daisy Red Ryder BB gun. Now, it’s not just for kids anymore. Daisy recently developed an adult version of this classic air rifle so that supervising adults can join the fun and set the shooting and safe handling examples for the young ones to follow by using the same gun they are using. Both the original Red Ryder Model 1938 and the Adult Red Ryder can be purchased separately or as a combo kit (both rifles, plus shooting accessories) direct from the Daisy website.

Rock River Arms .350 Legend AR – Straight-wall cartridges are gaining popularity in states formerly restricted to shotguns for hunting deer, thanks to loosened restrictions on acceptable cartridge case designs and lengths. The latest entry into this exciting field is the .350 Legend—an excellent cartridge with high accuracy potential and proven knock-down power for hunting deer inside 150 to 200 yards. Recently, Rock River Arms developed an AR platform rifle chambered for the .350 Legend. The RRA LAR-15M CAR A4 350 Legend is a light-recoil semi-auto featuring a 16-inch chrome moly or stainless steel barrel, precision two-stage trigger, six-position stock, and free-float handguard. RRA also has a full line of AR components and accessories for the DIY firearm enthusiasts.

McMillan A10 Rifle Stock – One of the newest stocks from precision stock manufacturer McMillan is the A-10. The A-10 incorporates many features of McMillan’s popular tactical stocks but in a compact format to facilitate the ergonomic needs of smaller-frame shooters.  It combines a thinner forearm reminiscent of the A3-5, a butt hook similar to the A-5, and the sleek lines of the A-6 into a well-balanced tactical package. The vertical grip is positioned further forward than other A-series stocks, which allows for a more relaxed 90-degree trigger finger placement due to the shorter trigger reach—perfect for shooters with smaller hands. The grip also features a small shelf that serves as a hand stop to assist in consistent hand placement and to reduce fatigue. To further accommodate smaller-frame shooters, the adjustable buttstock can deliver a length-of-pull as short as 12 inches. An adjustable cheek riser ensures optimal head alignment. McMillan also has several sales going on right now. You can check them out here.

TRUGLO Sights Rebate – TRUGLO, Inc. has launched a new rebate program on their extensive line of handgun sights available now through the holiday season.  Whether it’s a new handgun or an old favorite, there is a TRUGLO sight family to accommodate and enhance your shooting style. The rebates include:

  • $20 rebate on TFX Pro and TFX handgun sights
  • $15 rebate on TFO and Tritium Pro handgun sights
  • $10 rebate on Tritium, Fiber-Optic Pro, and Fiber-Optic handgun sights (excluding model TG965)
  • Go the TRUGLO Rebates site to learn more and to order direct from the factory.

Rival Arms Precision Slide for GLOCK® Pistols – If you are a DIY type who enjoys GLOCK® pistols, check out the new GLOCK® slides from Rival Arms. Available for 3rd and 4th Gen GLOCK® 17, 19, 26, and 43 pistols, the Rival Arms slide is intricately machined from a 17-4PH stainless-steel billet for maximum durability and corrosion-resistance. Integrated into the design are aggressive front and rear serrations for positive slide manipulation under high-stress or competitive situations. Precision cutouts redistribute weight and promote more efficient cooling of the barrel. In addition to the stainless-steel construction, each slide is thermo-chemically case-hardened to further resist wear. Rival Arms slides with optic cuts are available in two versions—one that accept all Trijicon® RMR™ profile optics and another than fits other popular brands, including TRUGLO®, EOTech®, Doctor USA®, Insight®, Meopta®, Vortex® and similar profile optics. In addition, a slide without an optic cut is offered for the subcompact GLOCK® 43. See your local dealer or online retail to purchase or visit Rival Arms for more details.

APEX Gear COVERT 4-Pin Sight – Single-pin versus multi-pin bow sights—both have their advantages, depending on the hunting situation. The COVERT™ Four-Pin bow sight from APEX Gear is a hybrid sight system that delivers both, and this year the sight is even more versatile with the introduction of a new MICRO•POINT pin option. The new COVERT™ Four-Pin sight comes with four LED-illuminated fiber-optic pins. There are three .019″ diameter pins and one .010″ diameter pin that, combined, can be set for 20-, 30-, 40-, and 50-yard points-of-impact. When shooting these distances, the slider can be locked down for accurate close- to mid-range operation. For shooting at longer distances, the slider unlocks by moving the locking lever and rotating the large adjustment knob. This knob provides precise, smooth positioning of the sight body. Now, the bottom .010″ pin can be used as a rover pin for shooting distances beyond 50 yards with no obscuring of the target. A rear-facing yardage tape panel makes range adjustments quick and easy. Another welcome feature of the COVERT™ Four-Pin sight is the removable bracket. The bracket can be lengthened or shorted, depending on your preferred sight radius, and it can be removed altogether from the mount for easy transportation or storage in a compact bow case.

The COVERT™ Four-Pin Series bow sights can be purchased direct from APEX Gear.

Gamo Swarm Fusion 10X Gen2 – Gamo’s 10X Technology takes another step forward with the new horizontal magazine alignment on the Swarm Fusion 10X Gen2. Gamo’s 10X Technology originally appeared in the industry changing Swarm Maxxim, the first break-barrel air rifle featuring a 10-shot magazine that allows shooters to shoot 10 shots as fast as they can break the barrel. Still the most user-friendly system, the Swarm 10X stands apart from all other break-barrels. The new Gamo Swarm Fusion 10X GEN2 comes in .177 and .22 calibers and shoots at velocities at the very top level of break-barrel abilities. The thumbhole stock featuring a prominent pistol grip guarantees a solid handhold for sure accuracy. It’s easy to load 10 pellets into the new horizontal magazine, and even though the gun comes with a scope, the barrel is fitted with an open, adjustable iron rear sight and a fiber optic front blade. The new Swarm Fusion is available direct from Gamo USA. Your can read our in-depth review of the Swarm Fusion here.

MTM Case-Gard .30 Cal. Metal Ammo Can Tray – If you are a high-volume shooter, no doubt you have multiple surplus ammo cans hanging about. It’s tough to find a more rugged storage or transport container for your ammo, but what makes these cans great also makes them a challenge when transferring them from your vehicle to the shooting bench. MTM Case-Gard offers the perfect solution with their .30 Cal. Metal Ammo Can Trays. Made of a durable polypropylene that can hold up to 100 pounds, each tray can accommodate four .30 caliber metal ammo cans. Loaded trays can also be stacked on top of each other to consolidate storage space in your vehicle or at home.

Anderson Mfg. AM-9 Partial Lower Assembly – Pistol-caliber ARs are gaining in popularity as MSR enthusiasts look to match ammo between their rifles and their EDC and training handguns. For the DIY AR fan, Anderson Manufacturing is offering a partially assembled 9mm lower receiver as the ideal start for a DIY 9mm AR rifle build. Machined from sturdy 7075 T6 aluminum forgings, the Anderson AM-9 Partial Lower Assembly (PLA) is partially assembled with a magazine catch and ejector designed for last-round hold open. For added convenience, the AM-9 PLA accommodates all standard AR-15 parts—enabling you to build a fully functioning, ultra-durable lower that accepts 9mm GLOCK-style magazines.

AR-15 Rifle Builder’s Manual – Written by Shoot-On’s own Editor-in-Chief, the AR-15 Rifle Builder’s Manual is the perfect source to learn how to build an AR-15 rifle from scratch. All details and processes are covered with clear, step-by-step photos and instructions. The book is divided by the key rifle groups—upper receiver assembly, lower receiver assembly, and bolt carrier group—and each chapter details all the tools and materials required. In addition, topics such as checking headspace dimension, cycle of operation, trigger function, and a troubleshooting section are included. The book is available in print form or Kindle digital format from

ALPS OutdoorZ Crossfire X Day Pack – We have been using the ALPS OutdoorZ Crossfire X Day Pack throughout this year’s hunting season and are convinced it may be the most suitable day pack ever developed for the out-all-day hunter. The vented back panel and curved support frame keep the pack off the hunter’s back to reduce heat and sweat. The sturdy frame also allows the pack to be used as a solid support for shooting in the seated position. Made of durable nylon ballistic fabric, the Crossfire X is fully adjustable for the waist and torso. Included are multiple accessory pockets, a removable accessory pouch, drop-down bow/gun pocket for hands-free carry, a hydration pocket, and compression straps. The Crossfire X is sized to carry everything you need for an all-day adventure but not so large as to be heavy or tempt you to carry more than you need. Veil Wideland is the featured camo pattern. You can purchase the pack directly from ALPS OutdoorZ.

Heritage Mfg. Rough Rider Rancher Carbine – Here’s one of those “just for the fun of it” firearms that we’ve fallen in love with. Heritage Manufacturing‘s new Rough Rider Rancher Carbine combines Heritage Manufacturing’s precision single-shot revolver technology with the romantic flair of the Old West revolving carbines. Chambered for .22 LR, the single-action, spurred hammer Rancher features a six-shot cylinder behind a 16-inch barrel topped with an adjustable buckhorn-style rear sight. Integrated into the trigger guard is a finger hook to assist in hand placement and optimal trigger finger positioning. Complimenting the rifle’s black oxide finish is a premium matte-finish solid walnut stock with a decorative and functional checkered wrist. Included is a durable leather sling with detachable swivel mounts. Check your local Heritage Mfg. dealer for details.

SEVR 1.7 All Purpose Broadhead – Black Friday special alert! If you’ve heard about the exceptional performance of the new SEVR mechanical broadheads and want to give them a try, now is the time to do it. SEVR is offering an amazing 40% off Black Friday special on their new 1.7 All-Purpose heads. We used them this year for crossbow hunting (check out our review here) and couldn’t be more impressed. Two key features that separate the SEVR broadheads from other mechanicals is their locking and pivoting blades, which pivot away from bone to increase the likelihood of pass-through shots and maximum penetration, and their practice lock mode, which locks the blades in the ferrule so you can use the same broadheads you hunt with to use for target practice.

Taurus G2c Pistol Rebate – The Taurus G2c has become one of the most popular defensive handguns on the market today, thanks to its compact design, reliable performance, ease of operation, exceptional ergonomics, and a price point well below competitive models in its class. From now through December 31, 2019, Taurus is offering a $25 rebate on the G2c 9mm model #1-G2C931-12 and #1-G2C931-10. Suitable for shooters of all hand sizes, the G2c presents smooth contours and ample stipling patches along its rugged polymer frame for optimal retention and muzzle control. Its light weight and generous 12-round capacity combine with a narrow 1.2-inch width and short 6.3-inch overall length to make the G2c an ideal EDC or concealed carry handgun for all occasions.

Easton Deluxe Recurve/Compound Roller Bow Case – Transporting bows and arrows safely (for the equipment and for us) can be challenging. For years we’ve “tossed them in the back” of the truck or whatever conveyance we had to get to camp. The Deluxe Compound/Recurve Roller Bow Case from Easton solves that problem handily. Designed to secure your bow and a boxed case of arrows, this case also is large enough to stow a weekend’s worth or more of clothing and other hunting essentials. The travelling bowhunter can now put everything they need in one piece of luggage. Right now, Easton is offering a sale on the Roller Bow Case, and they will throw in a free travel cover case to boot.

Crossbreed Holsters Holiday SalesCrossbreed is one of our favorite brands of EDC holsters because their quality is top-notch and they offer a multitude of IWB and OWB designs for specific pistol models. Basically, for any type of carry you desire, Crossbreed probably makes a holster for that style and the model of your handgun.

This year, the company has several specials they are running through Cyber Tuesday. Here’s the breakdown…

Pre-Black Friday: Nov 25-28

  • 30% off Standard Belts (not quick ship)
  • 40% off Ankle Holsters
  • 40% off ARK Bags
  • 50% off Reversible Nylon Belts
  • 50% off Pledge Hoodie

Black Friday:

  • 15% off Site-wide
  • Free Standard Shipping
  • $7.95 FedEx Two-Day Shipping
  • Spend Over $90 Receive Free Tee

Cyber Monday: Dec 2

  • 25% off Sitewide
  • 35% off QuickShip Holsters & Belts
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