Titanium is synonymous with strength and named after the Titans, Greek gods of myth.  It is so strong that 15 percent of Boeing 747 Dreamliners are made from Titanium.  As a metal, it has the lowest density and highest strength, 60% denser than aluminum but twice as strong.  In brief, Titanium is the ultimate broadhead material and TruGlo offers mechanical and fixed-blade heads in this Herculean material.

Mechanical Heads

Mechanical broadheads offer unique options that many archers love.  First, they fly like target points which makes practice much more economical.  Not only are field points inexpensive but they are less target-wear intensive allowing you to shoot thousands of shots into a single unit before replacing it.

Because mechanical heads are more aerodynamic, they allow for larger cutting surfaces without the potential for wind planing.  For example, the Titanium X Mechanical opens to a diameter of 2 3/16th of an inch.  Using a traditional head of that diameter would risk erratic flight and surrendering to crosswinds.  By tucking the blades during flight, an arrow will fly with added speed and precision until the work of the large blades is needed.  The unique design eliminates the need for a retention ring as the head remains closed until contact.

The 4-blade version of the Titanium X has a pair of deploying blades to keep aerodynamics clean and impact at point-of-aim until impact when four blades deploy with 1 ¾ inches of cutting fury.

Archers seeking a less aggressive mechanical may like the Titanium X BackFlip in 2-blade design that opens to 1 3/4 inches in diameter or the 3-blade BackFlip that cuts a diameter of 1 1/2 inches, both in 100-grain.  This unique design is engineered to open immediately upon impact and creates huge blood trails.  The narrow flight diameters allow for target-point accuracy during flight as shown below.

Spin tested, and sharpness tested for ultimate performance

Crossbow Heads

Crossbow arrow speeds may exceed 400 fps, master than any production compound and therefore place added stress to broadhead performance.  As with the above heads, TruGlo relies on the strength and lightweight characteristics of titanium for consistent, predictable performance.  Because crossbow arrows are often faster and heavier than vertical bow shafts, archers can count on greater penetration and can utilize greater cutting diameters.

Titanium X Crossbow Mechanical Broadheads offer a beefed-up ferrule to match the larger diameter of crossbow shafts.  The 4-blade mechanical offers a cutting diameter of 1 3/4 inches.  Since modern crossbows unleash kinetic energies over 100 ft-lbs. look for this head to create a giant entrance and exit would every time.

 Fixed Blade

TruGlo offers fixed blade heads in 3 and 4-blade configurations, two options that are sure to please any fan of traditional heads.  With a cutting diameter of 1 3/16ths these heads will down game quickly and humanely.  Plus, they place titanium where it counts most- on the cutting-edge tip and the ferrule which is so important to arrow flight characteristics.  Here’s a quick synopsis of the benefits:

  • Grade 5 CNC-machined one-piece titanium ferrule
  • Tough .031″ thick stainless steel blades
  • TRU•THRU™ precision sharpened blades for quick pass-throughs
  • TRU•CUT™ one-piece titanium tip slices hide and flesh immediately upon impact
  • 100 grains for optimum flight and compatibility
  • Spin-tested and sharpness tested for ultimate performance
  • 3 Broadheads per package
  • Broadhead installation wrench and one set of replacement blades included


Maximizing Performance

Whether you choose a fixed broadhead or mechanical (Purely a matter of personal choice), ethical hunting requires that your arrows and broadheads strike dead on.  A life-like 3-D target is mandatory for vertical and horizontal archers to assure that you are aiming properly on the game you hunt.

TruGlo’s Titanium X broadheads will withstand the punishment of repeated practice.  Personally, I mark a capital “P” on a practice arrow and always carry it in my quiver.  In this way, I don’t confuse a razor-sharp head with one previously shot.  At the end of a hunt, I like to launch a practice head just to be sure that all systems are go.   That confidence helps build excitement for my next hunt.  For more information check www.truglo.com

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