If you’re looking to do a little reconnaissance on your hearing protection situation this year, rest assured, Walker’s has you covered. The leader in the development of innovative hearing protection and sound enhancement technology solutions for hunting, shooting and commercial applications for more than 30 years, Walker’s recently announced the launch of their all-new RECON lineup, complete with two pairs of IPX4-rated digital electronic muffs—one with Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity—and exclusive hybrid communicator attachment, all created with tactical shooters and avid range-goers at the forefront.

Serving as the foundation of this new line are the RECON Digital Electronic Muffs, designed with lightning-fast Sound Activated Compression (SAC) at their core, to keep shooters’ hearing protected in any arena—from competitions and tactical shoots to enjoyable days at the range. Working in tandem with SAC is digital amplification technology that bolsters low-level environmental sounds to ensure marksmen hear what they should when they should—think critiques from a shooting instructor when the range is hot, conversations with fellow competitors and much more. Add to those features the inclusion of an integrated digital amp and users’ overall experience gets a major boost thanks to unmatched sound clarity as well. And when these amplification technologies pair with SAC, sound-dampening composite housing and bonded rubber coating shooters get the best of both worlds—complete awareness of their surroundings and reliable hearing protection to boot.

The same functionalities are featured in the RECON Digital Bluetooth Electronic Muffs, with the addition of Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, which allows them to pair quickly and simply with mobile devices via Walkers Link 2.0 app, available for iOS and Android systems alike. These muffs also feature an advanced digital audio circuit, full dynamic range HD speakers and integrated microphone for two-way communication via smartphone, complete with clear, balanced sound in any shooting scenario, regardless of location. All these features come with one major bonus, given the most exciting feature both pairs of muffs boast is their ability to pair seamlessly with the final member of the RECON line.

The RECON Hybrid Communicator Bluetooth Walkie Talkie is an exclusive communication device utilizing Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity via compatibility with the Walker’s Link 2.0 app and integrating exclusively with both pairs of Walker’s all-new RECON muffs highlighted above. When added to the RECON Digital Electronic Muffs, shooting enthusiasts will enjoy full Bluetooth connectivity, in addition to 22 GPRS radio channels for hands-free communication from as far away as 3 miles—simplifying the ability of both recreational and tactical shooters to stay connected. When added to the RECON Digital Bluetooth Electronic Muffs, users gain access to the same gamut of GPRS radio frequencies with just the simple push of a button.

To learn more about the new RECON™ Digital Electronic Muffs, RECON™ BT Digital Bluetooth Electronic Muffs and compatible RECON Hybrid Comms Bluetooth Walkie Talkie, or to browse Walker’s entire line of hearing protection and enhancement products, visit www.WalkersGameEar.com.

Learn more and check out the entire family of GSM brands at www.gsmoutdoors.com

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