Can turning two screws and tapping two pins significantly improve your Remington 700’s performance? Yes, it’s that easy and it won’t cost a bundle!

by Lou Patrick and Rob Reaser

Rifle season is almost here, and that means hunters are turning their attention to their shooting gear. For most folks, this is when ammunition is topped off, maybe a new scope is purchased, and it’s off to the range to perform the “check to see if it’s still on” ritual.

That’s all well and good (assuming you’ve been able to acquire ammunition this year), but there are two areas you can address that will, arguably, have the greatest impact on improving shooter consistency—essential ingredients to both short- and long-range accuracy. The good news is that both of these can be addressed quite easily by performing the work yourself and at a much lower cost than hiring the services of a gunsmith. We’re talking about a stock and trigger upgrade, and if you are a Remington 700 fan, we’ve got good news…it doesn’t get any easier.

A couple years ago, McMillan Fiberglass Stocks spun off a new division called Mc3 Stocks. The latter was responsible for developing a revolutionary new polymer stock system that could be made in quantity and purchased at the brick-and-motor dealer level (meaning no months-long wait for a custom fiberglass stock to be made) all while boosting the performance and accuracy potential when compared to flimsy factory plastic stocks. What’s more, these stocks are based on McMillan’s proven long-range precision stocks and incorporate many of the same features that serious shooters utilize in their competition platforms. Another bonus of the Mc3 stocks is that they offer a true drop-in fit for nearly all Remington 700 barreled actions. Translation: the swap is super simple.

The other must-do upgrade for anyone looking to shoot their Remington 700 better is to replace the factory trigger with a tuned performance trigger. This is another modification that most shooters are hesitant to do themselves, yet is really easy if you know how to use a punch and a hammer. For this modification, you need look no farther than Timney Triggers. Timney is a known quantity in the aftermarket trigger world, and their products find their way onto thousands of precision competition and hunting rifles each year.

For this project, we selected the Mc3 Traditions Standard BDL stock and Timney’s Elite Hunter trigger. Check out the video as we walk you through the easy, cost-effective way to make your Remington 700 run like a champ.


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