Full sunlight, pitch black, or somewhere in-between, the TFX Pro keeps you on target

by the Shoot On staff

The reasons for installing night sights in a defensive handgun are self-evident. Most life-threatening encounters tend to occur at night in the home or in poorly lit areas where miscreants feel bolder and more at ease. The down side of night sights that only feature tritium illumination is that the shooter still suffers from a poor sight picture and slower sight alignment when the ambient light is too dim to see either the tritium dots or the rear notch and front sight post. The same is true in environments with high-contrast bright sun and deep shadows, such as in urban environments and building interiors.

The folks at TRUGLO solved all these problems when they developed a handgun sight that combined fiber optics and tritium. Called the TFX (for Tritium – Fiber-Optic Xtreme), the TFX sights feature tritium vials secured within an all-steel housing. Positioned in front of the vials (from the shooter’s perspective) are light-gathering fiber optics that are also safely housed inside the sight body.

In dark conditions, the fiber optics gather the light generated by the tritium to provide no-fail visibility. In subdued light levels, the fiber optics gather light from both the tritium vials and the available ambient light, which means the sights are always visible and ready for alignment even while transitioning from dark to bright light and everything in-between. For full sunlight conditions, the shooter can align with the fiber optic dots or revert to the front sight post/rear blade silhouette to get on target quickly.

Since the inception of the TFX sights, TRUGLO has expanded the line with the TFX Pro series. These sights feature the same tritium/fiber optic combination housed in an all-steel body, but with a couple of changes. The TFX Pro comes with a U-notch rear sight versus a square cut and the front sight post includes a colored (orange or white) ring around the fiber optic, which can help some shooters line up more quickly.

We’ve run the TFX Pro on our GLOCKS for a while now and are absolutely pleased with their performance. A side benefit we’ve noticed is that, in a dark bedroom at night, the sights are so bright that there is no need to fumble when reaching for the pistol. We know where it is and which end to grab. Another cool feature is the angled front sight housing, which provides a good “hook” to manipulate the slide one-handed, if need be.

For more info on the TFX Pro sights, visit TRUGLO.com.

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