Regardless of speed or bow type, field points or broadheads, the new 21-inch HD Target from SEVR offers diverse function at any distance.

by the Shoot On staff

Just when you thought there couldn’t possibly be any more ways to serve up a cube-style archery target, along comes SEVR (yes, the innovative, factory-direct broadhead manufacturer) with their spin on the good ol’ backyard block. We must admit that this one is not an “also ran,” but a fresh perspective on archery practice gear that delivers more than what you would expect from its boxy profile.

Called the SEVR 21″ HD — the “HD” refers to the high-definition electric green-on-black target faces — is a hefty poured foam block with somewhat unusual dimensions. It measures 21 inches wide (or high, depending on your perspective) by 17 by 13.

Why this configuration? In its “wide mode,” the SEVR target easily accommodates two shooters at a time. Stand it upright and you can practice those long shots without fear of snaking your low-flying arrow beneath the sod. In addition, the target presents several different faces, lest you become easily bored shooting at the same dots.

One side of the target is blank, meaning there is no conventional target face or aiming dot. But that’s OK, because this face delivers something we’ve not seen in any other target. SEVR calls it a sight-calibration face. This is a molded-in, 1 MOA grid that accepts golf tee-style target pins. This face is particularly helpful for sighting in crossbow scopes because you can see how many inches your impacts are out from the bullseye and adjust your windage and elevation accordingly.

Two more features that get our nod include the molded-in carry handles and an arrow puller that fits nicely into its own molded recess in the target so it’s always there. The built-in carry handles are great because there are no straps to pull out or rot off, and with its hefty 31 pounds overall weight, this target begs for grip when moving about the range.

SEVR 21″ HD Target Features

  • Largest-in-class size – 21” W x 17” H x 13” D (4641 cu inch) 4:3 aspect ratio shooting surface.
  • For use with the fastest vertical bows and crossbows.
  • Easier-to-pull specially formulated “self-healing” foam.
  • For use with all field points, mechanical, and fixed blade broadheads.
  • Molded-in carry handles.
  • High visibility painted target spots.
  • Six shootable sides.
  • Blank side molded-in grid for sighting in.
  • Sturdy 31 pounds weight
  • Weather resistant
  • Made in USA

For more information on the 21″ HD Target, visit

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