Maven, a Wyomingbased directtoconsumer brand known for offering worldclass optics at affordable prices, has announced the newest addition to its premium, awardwinning lineup of B Series binoculars, the B.7.

Available in 8×25 and 10×25 models, the B.7 introduces a new dualhinge construction that eliminates bulk without sacrificing quality to create a highperformance optic that weighs just 12.4 oz. and measures only 2.90in x 4.75in inches when collapsed down. The ultracompact and durable design makes the B.7 easy to carry and an outstanding optical solution for travel
enthusiasts, outdoor recreationists, nature lovers, and sports fans alike.

“In the pursuit of convenience and innovation, we designed the ultracompact B.7 around simplicity and functionality that we feel caters to the modern demands of everyday use,” said Brendon Weaver, CMO of Maven. “The best binocular is the one that’s with you, and it’s binocular that everyone will want to carry.”

In addition to its durable, pocketsized construction, the B.7 features crystal clear extralow dispersion (ED) glass with fully multicoated lenses to provide edgetoedge clarity. Expert craftsmanship and premium materials result in a generous depth of field, a wide field of view, and a silky focus mechanism that Maven’s B Series is known for.

The B.7 can be fully customized with
Maven’s Custom Optics Builder and, like all Maven optics, is covered by the brand’s unconditional lifetime warranty. To learn more about the B.7 or to shop Maven’s full product offering, visit

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