If there is one thing about hunters and shooters, it’s that we like to tinker with our guns. I know very few who are not constantly fiddling with this or that, adding this accessory, changing scopes from this rifle to that one, replacing a sling on that gun, and the list goes on and on.

Having a good location to do this can be burdensome for many. Thankfully, MTM Case-Gard has developed a method for all gunsmith attempts. Their Gunsmith Maintenance Center is set up for the amateur gunsmith. The removable forks on each end are adjustable in height, enabling it to hold your gun upright or upside down. The forks also have locations for your cleaning rods keeping them readily available. The compartments are provided to hold all of your cleaning supplies in one location.

The gunsmith maintenance center is the perfect solution for mounting scopes, bedding barrels and customizing your bolt or stock.

In a lifetime of collecting gun cleaning supplies, I have bottles of Hoppe’s #9, RemOil, solvent, cleaner and brushes everywhere. There are pistol cleaning accessories, rifle and shotgun cleaning swabs, brushes, patches and jags everywhere. One case had room for some, but another was required for others. When the MTM Case-Gard Gunsmith Maintenance Center arrived, I finally was able to put all of my gear into one place. It also helped me clean out many of the items I no longer use.

For blackpowder enthusiasts, we know the importance of keeping our guns clean. Each time we shoot them, we have to clean them. With this system, I take it to the range with me, have all of my solvents, patches and cleaning jags available, and it really speeds up the process. Even for my Traditions Flintlock Pistol, the MTM Case-Gard gunsmith maintenance center has made life at the range a lot more enjoyable. All of my necessary tools are close by and available.

Keeping our guns clean is important, not only for the longevity of the guns, but the cleanliness keeps rust from bluing.  The corrosion of powder can damage barrels and mechanisms. This system enables shooters and hunters to give their guns the care they need to last for generations.

The Gunsmith’s Maintenance Center by MTM Case-Gard™ is one of the best values on the market. Two removable forks with molded rubber for protection of your firearms can also hold your cleaning rods. Each fork has two height adjustments to hold firearms level, upright or upside down. Compartments are provided for your bottled cleaners to prevent spills. There is so much room in this case, you can carry and store all your gun cleaning supplies in one convenient place. It is also ideal for mounting scopes, swivels, bedding of actions, etc. Now that’s getting your money’s worth!

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