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While we can’t always run to the range to practice with the big guns, quality marksmanship training and a whole lot of fun can certainly be had in the backyard with air rifles. Best of all, the buy-in is low and the ammunition inexpensive and plentiful.

We have discussed many times how marksmanship training with air rifles is not only a cost-effective way to build your skills, the easy access to a backyard range means you can get in more frequent practice whenever you have a few moments to spare.

A good start for air rifle training is the Powerline 880 w/Scope Kit from the folks at Daisy. This kit is a one-stop buy for everything you need to get started. Each comes with a Powerline 880 topped with a 4×15 scope, 300 pellets, a 350-count tube of BBs, shooting glasses, and a Fold-N-Fire target.

The Powerline 880 is a veteran of the Daisy air rifle lineup. It is a multi-pump pneumatic air rifle bored to accept .177-caliber pellets and BBs. The rifled steel barrel offers great accuracy while the springer-style action delivers a velocity up to 800 fps and a maximum shooting distance of 291 yards.

Although the kit includes a fixed-power scope that is a great assist when using the Powerline 880 for pest control, we like the open sights for marksmanship training. The ramped rear sight is adjustable for both elevation and windage, so you can zero for the distance at which you prefer to practice.

Operation of the air rifle is simple. With the safety on, open the bolt and pump the handle up to ten times to charge the rifle. Next, load the pellet in the loading port and close the bolt. The rifle can now be aimed at the target and the safety removed in preparation to fire. Pellets are loaded individually into the loading port. When shooting BBs, the magazine can be loaded with up to 50 BBs. The magnetic tip in the bolt will pick up the next BB when the rifle’s muzzle is tipped upward and the bolt is pulled back. Once the BB is held by the magnet, push the bolt closed to chamber the projectile.

Aside from being a stand-in firearm for adult marksmanship practice and for pest control, the Powerline 880 is also a great introductory air rifle for teaching youth firearm safety and shooting basics while under adult supervision.

For more information on this or other Daisy air rifles and accessories, visit

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