Rival Arms’ upgrade slide systems lets you turn one GLOCK pistol into many

by the Shoot On staff

Much as most of us would like to have a pistol for every occasion — concealed carry, target shooting, open carry, competition — budget constraints determine otherwise. Should you own a GLOCK, though, you can have it all thanks to the many flavors of GLOCK slide upgrades from Rival Arms.

Rival Arms is the first aftermarket concern to take GLOCK slide upgrades and builds mainstream. With the company’s precision-manufactured and comprehensive component listing, you can build a complete slide assembly to suit just about any need you have.

The cornerstone of the Rival Arms system is the slide. Offered for a broad range of GLOCK G3 and G4 models, these stylish, precisely built slides all come with an optic cut from the factory (except for GLOCK G43 models). Just choose between RMR or “other” optic cut and you’re ready to install the optic of your choice — no expensive gunsmith machining necessary. If you prefer to run open sights instead, Rival Arms slides come with an optic cut cover plate installed at the factory. Just add your preferred sight system and you’re good to go.

In addition to the slides, Rival Arms also offers comprehensive slide completion kits, along with their own match-grade barrels, guide rod and recoil spring assemblies, and assorted frame parts. This means you can build a complete and fully functional slide assembly tailored to your specific needs, such as a preferred optic, a suppressor compatible barrel and M.O.S. height sight, or open sights suited for competition or 24/7 personal defense. By creating mission-specific slide assemblies, you effectively turn your factory GLOCK into a multi-purpose platform simply by changing the slide and barrel configuration.

Now that’s a cost-effective way to wring more performance and function out of your investment. For more info on Rival Arms’ upgrade options for GLOCK pistols, visit RivalArms.com.

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