Real Avid’s intelligently designed AR-15 Master Armorer’s Kit can take novice and veterans alike from a box of parts to a finished AR the hassle-free way.

by Lou Patrick and Rob Reaser

The massive upswell of AR-15 sales (along with just about every other type of firearm) in recent months is credited to many first-time buyer’s looking seriously at personal protection. With fewer rifles on the shelves, many veteran shooters are considering building their own AR-15s. One thing we’ve learned from years of modifying and building firearms is that having the right tools is essential to a job done easily and with good results.

To give those of you who may be considering building your own AR-15 a look at what’s involved, check out the video above as we assemble a basic AR using Real Avid‘s forward-thinking AR-15 Armorer’s Master Kit. The AR-15 Armorer’s Master Kit comes with everything you need to assemble or modify an AR-15 the right way, and it solves many of the challenges AR builders have faced over the years. If you already have an AR-15 and are considering modifications, this video will also show you some of the steps you may encounter and provide guidance on how to go about it.

For our build, we sourced all our parts from Rock River Arms. In addition to selling assembled rifles as well as complete upper and lower assemblies, Rock River Arms offers a broad selection of quality AR-15 components to build your own rifle from scratch.

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