When simplicity, accuracy, and no-fail visibility are key, the Covert Single-Pin from Apex Gear has you covered

by the Shoot On staff

Let’s face it…today’s bowhunting gear can get complicated in a hurry. We like the performance that technology brings us, but too often the tech can get in the way of practical function. Modern bow sights can certainly dance right up to that “too complicated” line. The Covert Single-Pin series sights from Apex Gear, though, finds the delicate balance that brings together advanced performance and simplified operation.

The heart of the Covert Single-Pin sight is the Versa-Pin. What this pin allows you to do is change between green, red, and yellow pin colors by moving the pin body over the respective fiber optic color track. That’s advantage number one. Advantage number two is the ability to swap the pin diameter between .010 or .019 inches. The smaller pin diameter will, of course, offer more pinpoint aiming, which is especially welcome when shooting longer distances.

What we really like about the Covert Single-Pin is its simplistic sight picture. It’s exceptionally clean and easily visible in all legal shooting light conditions. The level is easily visible and the glow ring around the hood helps to get on target quickly in low light. If added light is needed to see the pin, a push button LED light lets you adjust to the required illumination.

As for sight adjustment, the Covert Single-Pin provides for 2nd and 3rd axis tuning. Micro and multi-position gang adjustments are available for windage. Elevation can be gang-adjusted and the yardage dial is dampened for precise movement.

The Covert Single-Pin is available with a reversible offset mount or a 5-position detachable dovetail mount. The latter is a great option for the travelling bowhunter who may need to remove the sight for transport or when lashing to a backpack for wilderness excursions.

You can find the Covert Single-Pin sight in four model variations. Also available is a new sunshade and a 2x magnifications +.50 diopter lens kit.

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