PWR-DOT technology delivers the kind of clean, clear, and versatile bow sight performance serious bowhunters demand

by the Shoot On staff

We decided to step out of our normal routine this year and give a slider bow sight a try. Our choice was the Covert Pro from Apex Gear. The results: “Oh, yeah!”

Granted, we’ve only been plugging foam targets since our bow season is yet to open, but so far, the Covert Pro is showing great promise for the hunting fields.

The Covert Pro is based on an LED dot reticle versus a conventional pin. This means a less cluttered or obstructed sight picture. Tactile push-button illumination controls located at the top of the aperture allow you to quickly and easily adjust the illumination to match the ambient light conditions.

Five models make up the Covert Pro series. There is a reversible offset mount, a five-position detachable dovetail mount, and an aperture-only model that each come with a single green LED dot reticle. A two-dot red and green reticle version is also available in the reversible offset mount configuration and as an aperture only. We’ve been using the two-dot version with excellent results. The red dot is positioned toward the bottom of the reticle and stands as a holdover point when shooting beyond the calibrated tape.

There are several desirable features built into the Covert Pro, such as 2nd and 3rd axis adjustability, an end-of-travel stop, and a clearly visible level. We especially like the micro-adjust knob for the windage adjustment, which really helps when fine-tuning your point-of-impact at longer distances. The elevation knob also has a solid, positive feel and dampened action to let you hit the desired alignment quickly and precisely.

If you’re new to slider sight system and want to give one a try, the Apex Gear Covert Pro is a good choice in our book.

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