The biggest buck of my life was just 50 yards away and walking straight for me.  The big farmland bruiser was headed for the narrow gate crossing where I crouched behind a spindly locust tree.  In the waning minutes of daylight, a northwest wind howled and shook vegetation, movement I hoped would camouflage my draw.  At 20 yards, I slowly drew the bow and aimed at its chest when the unthinkable happened– Wind blew the arrow from my rest.  Seeing the motion, the buck stood tall, ready to explode in a heartbeat.  Somehow, I nudged the arrow back on the rest and immediately released.  The arrow buried deep into the buck and it crashed 100 yards away.

Love Containment Rests

Ever since that day I have been a fan of containment rests, especially those that drop away and depart no friction to the fletch.  Archery rests are designed to hold the arrow in place and allow a clean, unobstructed launch so that the arrow will fly accurately and unencumbered with perfect consistency.

Apex Gear released this year the new Covert High Speed Click-Up Arrow Rest that meets these goals and more.  Hammer Release Technology is at the heart of the new design so that the launcher remains up as long as possible for maximum guidance.  A high speed, late-in-the-shot cycle avoids contact with vanes, and the launcher remains up even after the bow is let down.


Easy Loading & Full Capture 

Whitetail deer hunting is often a waiting game perched well above likely deer travel corridors.  The sound of a snapping stick or distant grunt will grab the hunter’s attention as he reaches for his bow.  A complete capture rest is critical at this stage so that the arrow does not bounce against the riser.  A low-friction polymer insert “V” in the center of the rest cradles the arrow and soft rubber dampening tubes on the side of the rest cushion against noise and provide a silent draw.

While walking or stalking the capture feature holds the arrow in place allowing one hand on the bow handle and the other free for blowing a grunt call, working a push-button cow caller, or glassing with binoculars.

Uniquely Up and Down

Deployment of the Covert launcher occurs in two ways.  Like standard fall-away rests, drawing the bow automatically raises the launcher into the fire position.  However, you can also keep the arrow cradled in the center of the rest by pushing a thumb lever.  This eliminates the movement of the launcher during the draw cycle.

Many archers believe that accuracy is enhanced by the arrow remaining on the rest for a portion of the launch and the Covert is engineered to maximize time on the rest before falling away to allow the vanes to clear.

Other Features

The Covert comes with a standard orange polymer insert in the launcher as well as four color options.  You can choose from green, red, black, or pink.  Should the launcher show signs of wear over time, you can quickly replace it with another color and deer won’t mind one bit.

Set-up and tuning are built in features of the Covert.  Instead of serving and burning a nylon string connection to the down cable, this rest comes with a convenient clamp that require only a Phillips screwdriver to attach.  The rest has independent windage and elevation adjustments so you can adjust and tune your bow with ease.  If you are a bit under or over “average” size, tuning the rest can be much easier than moving a nock point or adjusting sight pins beyond their normal positions.

Total performance at the moment-of-truth and consistent launch are two key elements of the Covert rest.  Check it out on-line or ask for demonstration at your local proshop.  Whether hunting or competing, Covert is designed to deliver your best shot.

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