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DIY Upgrade Giveaway Product Specifications:


Glock G17 Standard 9mm 4.49 in 10+1 Fixed Sights Poly Grip Matte Black

Designed for professionals, the Glock 17 is the most widely used law enforcement pistol
worldwide. It is trusted by law enforcement officers around the globe due to its unsurpassed
reliability and low weight. With the revolutionary Safe Action in trigger system, the G17 is safe,
easy, and quick–just what one needs in high-pressure situations.


  • Mfg Item Num: PI1750201
  • Category: PISTOLS
  • Type :Pistol
  • Action :Double
  • Caliber :9mm
  • Barrel Length :4.49 in
  • Capacity :10+1
  • Safety :Trigger
  • Grips :Black Polymer
  • Sights :Fixed
  • Weight :22.04 oz
  • Frame Finish :Black
  • Frame Material :Polymer
  • Barrel Type :Hexagonal Rifled
  • Slide Description :Black Steel
  • Case Type :Hard Plastic
  • Barrel Finish :Treated
  • Barrel Length Range :4.00 in to 4.99 in
  • Weight Range :16.00 oz to 31.99 oz

Real Avid Master Armorer’s Kit

The Armorer’s Kit of Master Grade Tools and how-to information equips you to confidently tackle
everything from building your own gun from the ground up to customizing or modifying an
existing gun. With better tolerances, materials and expanded capability, every tool is carefully
designed to make each job as simple and easy to execute as possible. Housed in a professional
tool case and equipped with step-by-step instructions, you will be able to work smarter and
create better guns regardless of your experience level.

Rival Arms Product Bundle

Match-Grade Precision Upgrade Slide:

  • Recessed slide cuts for compatibility with RMR® or other optic
  • CNC machined from 17-4PH stainless steel billet for superior corrosion resistance and
  • Quench-Polish-Quench (QPQ) thermo-chemical case hardened to resist normal wear
    and tear even in the harshest conditions
  • Front and rear serrations for easy slide manipulation
  • Three window cuts for more efficient cooling and airflow

Match-Grade Precision Drop-In Barrel:

  • 1:10 Twist / 6 groove rifling
  • CNC-machined from 416R stainless steel billet results in superior corrosion resistance
    and durability
  • Low-temperature vacuum PVD coating creates a durable barrier against wear and tear
    even in the harshest environments
  • BORSLICK™ Boron Nitride DCD (Dynamic Compound Deposition) inner bore treatment
    resists heat and carbon buildup
  • Target crowned muzzle
  • Individually hand inspected for accuracy

Tritium Night Sights:

  • Front sight ring for faster sight picture acquisition (white or orange)
  • Quick and accurate U-notch design
  • Green Tritium illumination front and rear
  • CNC-machined stainless-steel construction
  • Snag resistant design / fits most standard holsters
  • Glows bright—no batteries or light exposure required
  • Individually hand inspected for accuracy
  • 12-year limited warranty

Slide Completion Kit:

  • Tighter tolerances than factory
  • Low-temperature vacuum PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) coating, on select parts,
    creates a durable barrier against wear and tear
  • Select parts CNC-machined from solid stainless-steel billet
  • Individually hand inspected for accuracy
  • No gunsmith required
  • Limited lifetime warranty

Includes everything needed to finish out your slide:

  • Striker (firing pin) Spring
  • Extractor
  • Striker (firing pin) Safety Spring
  • Back Cover Plate
  • Extractor Depressor Plunger
  • RA Precision Striker (firing pin)
  • Striker (firing pin) Spacer Sleeve
  • Depressor Plunger Spring
  • Striker (firing pin) Safety
  • Spring Loaded Bearing
  • Striker (firing pin) Spring Cups
  • Slide Channel Liner

Fiocchi Blue Guardian HP 9mm Luger Ammunition

Intended for duty use and personal/home protection where ricochet is a concern in hard
structure environments, Blue Guardian HP delivers the ideal combination of terminal
performance and collateral safety. Incorporating an environmentally safe lead-free primer, Blue
Guardian HP is based on a lead-free hollow point reduced ricochet bullet. The hollow point
design induces critical fragmentation upon penetration of soft tissue yet begins to dump energy
and disintegrate with impact on hard surfaces such as steel, concrete, tile, etc.

CrossBreed Holsters Hybrid ST2

The Hybrid ST2 by CrossBreed Holsters is a fusion of our most popular holsters blended
together to give you the ultimate in comfort and retention. This intuitive holster is built on
customer feedback we’ve gotten over the past 15 years and features the details YOU would like
to see added to our flagship SuperTuck Holster. We’ve heard you, now we deliver.

The Hybrid ST2 features the adjustable retention pocket featured on our wildly popular
Reckoning Holster combined with the legendary comfort backer on our flagship holster, the
SuperTuck. Featuring the same size supple leather backer, this holster is designed to spread the
weight of any firearm out across your side, eliminating the pinch points of other holster styles.
The holster is made in a “Straight Drop” (also known as a zero forward or reverse cant) which
can be adjusted by simply offsetting the front and rear clips. The Hybrid ST2 is upgraded with
our “Combat Cut” option which cuts away the leather backer behind the grip, allowing for a
better draw because we know that if you’re unholstering your firearm, those seconds could be
the difference between life and death.

The pocket on the Hybrid ST2 Holster features multiple points of adjustment, allowing you to
truly customize its retention. Simply tighten or loosen the mounting screws to custom-tailor the
holster’s retention to your body type and personal preference.
As with all of our handcrafted holsters, CrossBreed stands behind the quality of each and every
Hybrid ST2 with our Lifetime Warranty. If your holster becomes damaged under normal use, we
will repair or replace it as long as you own it.

Want to check out the features of the Hybrid ST2 for yourself? CrossBreed offers a two-week
trial period, allowing customers to test their new holster along with their firearm in everyday
scenarios. We know the more you wear it, the more you’ll love it but if you’re unhappy for any
reason, simply ship the holster back for a refund or exchange!


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