Designed to fit youth, women, and smaller-frame shooters, the new A-10 adjustable stock from McMillan Fiberglass Stocks puts everyone in the long-range shooting game.

McMillan Fiberglass Stocks is known among elite shooter circles for manufacturing some of the best platforms for all manner of long-distance shooting…from competition and military/LE applications to hunting. To help expand the long-range shooting ranks, McMillan developed the A-10 adjustable stock — a hybrid platform than blends many of the best ergonomic and performance features found on their popular stock models but in a size and configuration ideally suited for youth and smaller-stature shooters.

We had a chance to shoot the A-10 with McMillan’s Kevin Dee and to talk with him about the A-10 as well as the company’s new Mc3 polymer stocks. In the process, Kevin provided plenty of good information on what the beginning long-range shooter should look for when purchasing a performance stock.

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