As firearms evolve, so too does the ammunition we feed them.

In 2017, no ammunition manufacturer probably proves this more than NovX, a company which exists solely because of the desire to innovate the ammunition manufacturing community. As with most firearms, the need to go lighter and faster is a primary need in all aspects of firearms use like defense, competition, hunting, recreation, and training. In the ammunition world, however, while faster has always seemed better, lighter, especially when it comes to bullet mass, hasn’t.

NovX thinks they’ve solved both concerns with a completely new ammunition manufacturing process combining the stainless-steel and aluminum cases and polymer bullets which NovX feels give users ammunition which is nearly half as light, faster, more effective, one-fourth the recoil, and simply works better than conventional brass-cased, jacketed copper and lead bullets.

“With the benefits of a self-lubricating and corrosion resistant stainless casing and the lack of lead fouling, firearms cycle faster and more reliably while shooting more accurately and burning cleaner,” A NovX spokesman said. “The advanced polymer/copper bullet composition acts like a frangible round and mitigates ricochet when shooting into impenetrable surfaces or steel reactive targets at the range.  Plus, with emerging lead regulatory compliance issues in certain states, as well as indoor ranges, the absence of airborne and deposited lead is a significant advantage to the end user and range owners.”

During a media event at The Site in Illinois, I had the opportunity to use and witness the use of NovX ammunition and came away impressed with its instantly obvious lighter weight in the magazine versus conventional ammunition. NovX ammunition loaded, fed and fired flawlessly. In fact, for what it’s worth on such a small scale as a sponsored media event shoot where we went through several hundred rounds in an afternoon, there was never a failure to fire, failure to eject, feed or other mechanical failures of the ammunition. Now, there were no chronographs on hand to validate the velocities NovX stated, but simple physics tells us lighter bullets will go much faster. I felt less recoil and my point of aim on reactive steel targets shifted as the bullets flew faster and flatter than the conventional ammunition we had on hand. Accuracy-wise, we never shot any groups to measure, but each time I pulled the trigger and did my part as a firearms operator, the audible “ping” of a properly placed shot on steel plates validated that NovX ammunition loaded, shot and landed exactly where it ought to all afternoon long.

NovX ammunition is brand-new to the firearms scene so time will tell us what the industry think of the first of its kind manufacturing process.

Follow the link to get some of this new ammo for yourself,

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