Best known for their high-precision AR platform rifles for law enforcement and civilian defense, Rock River Arms sets its eye on the long-range bolt rifle segment.

by the Shoot-On staff

“Factory guaranteed accuracy” is one of the standard benefits we’ve come to expect in Rock River Arms‘ extensive portfolio of defensive, hunting, and competition AR-platform rifles and 1911 pistols. It’s one of the reasons RRA rifles are standard fare for numerous law enforcement agencies throughout the country. Now, the company is stepping into the precision bolt rifle lane with the same focus on accuracy and reliability that we’ve come to expect from RRA’s engineering gurus.

The new Rock River Arms RGB bolt rifles come chambered for the two most tried and proven long-range calibers—.308 WIN/7.62x51mm and 6.5 Creedmoor. Both are built on RRA’s proprietary stainless steel short-action receiver. A one-piece, two-lug bolt with an interchangeable bolt face manages the action. The interface is an oversized bolt with aggressive knurling for an exceptional grip and positive operation when wearing gloves.

One of the neat features of this action assembly is its external bolt release. The bolt release is located on the side of the action instead of beneath the trigger assembly, making bolt extraction fast and fumble-free with gloved hands.

Mated to the action is a stainless-steel Wilson barrel. Each barrel is cryo-treated to provide molecular stability and to better manage barrel oscillation. The air-gauged bores ensure dimensional consistency for improved accuracy. Both the .308 WIN and 6.5 Creedmoor chambered barrels include 1:10 and 1:8 twist rates, respectively, for optimal bullet stability. The barrels are 5/8-24 threaded at the factory for use with a muzzle brake or suppressor. Available barrel lengths are 22- or 24-inch.

Beneath the receiver is a TriggerTech trigger system. This is a single-stage trigger with a zero-creep break and short over-travel. The pull weight is adjustable to match the shooter’s requirements.

The RRA barreled action sits in a KRG chassis. Designed for use with AICS-style magazines, this chassis is lightweight, streamlined for easy field carry, and offers independent adjustability for length-of-pull and cheek riser height. Aluminum bedding delivers a precise interface between the chassis and the barreled action.

In keeping with the RBG’s long-range mission, a 20 MOA scope mount base is included. This allows the scope to sit at a slight angle to prevent elevation runout at extreme distances when compensating for bullet drop.

RRA is giving their RBG rifles a sub-MOA accuracy guarantee with suitable ammunition. Given the company’s track record for producing highly accurate ARs, we’ll take them at their word. Stay tuned for our full review on the new Rock River Arms RBG rifle coming soon.

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