Raise Them Right™ is an American movement that encourages parents and mentors to invest time with young people to build within them a legacy of values and virtues—empowering youth with self-confidence, wholesome relationships, and skills they need to succeed in life. 

The erosion of our nation’s core virtues—respect for others, honor, civic responsibility, stewardship, and service for the greater good—is leading our young people adrift, putting at risk our children’s future and that of your great nation. 

Together, we can reverse this alarming trend. 


What We Do 

Powered by Fathers in the Field®, Raise Them Right™ illuminates the efforts and accomplishments of individuals, families, and organizations making positive, life-enduring changes in America’s upcoming generation. This American movement focuses on helping our young people overcome personal challenges by encouraging active parenting and mentorship in healthy and meaningful lifestyles that tap into our country’s natural bounty and rich outdoor heritage. 


How You Can Help 

As a leading member and voice in the outdoor community, your participation can make a strong impact. Your company’s support of the Raise Them Right™ movement will help amplify the good word and efforts of your business along with that of trusted organizations in the outdoor and shooting sports that are engaged in youth mentoring programs and activities. 

By serving as the hub for outdoor industry members and businesses concerned with promoting youth participation in the outdoor sports and next-generation recruitment, Raise Them Right™ offers coordination, messaging, and outreach avenues that help overcome the challenges our industry has traditionally faced when trying to “go it alone.” We do this by:  

  • Delivering a strong and sustained social media presence that showcases the great works of companies and individuals engaged with youth mentoring and activities. 
  • Acting as a “clearing house” channel to promote your company’s and other outdoor industry members’ initiatives aligned with youth mentoring and education. 
  • Providing on-product hang tags and product inserts that direct consumer participation and awareness of this movement, thereby elevating your company’s involvement and support in securing America’s future. 
  • Positioning your brand as a supporter of Raise Them Right™ across the movement’s public touchpoints. 
  • Directing consumers and the general public to your company’s in-house programs and initiatives with the mission of engaging and mentoring America’s children in the outdoor lifestyle. 
  • Providing expanded awareness of your company’s philanthropic endeavors as they relate to America’s youth. 


To learn how your company can support the Raise Them Right™ movement and become a supporting member, visit RaiseRight.org or [email protected] 

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