Wildlife Research Center can help you eliminate hunting gear odors the safe way

by the Shoot-On staff

By now, most hunters are familiar with the use of ozone-generating devices to reduce our scent signatures in the field and to transform odor molecules into less obnoxious atomic arrangements to eliminate unwanted smells from clothing and other soft materials. What many don’t realize is that the molecule that delivers these results is not exactly benign. In too high concentrations, ozone can cause breathing and respiratory problems, and evidence suggests that exposure to ozone can accelerate deterioration in some rubber and plastic compositions.

Well, the folks at Wildlife Research Center considered the issue of ozone safety and developed an odor elimination product that is completely ozone-free. Billed as No-Zone, this Scent Killer product is an atomized liquid formula that similarly kills odor but does so without the potentially harmful effects of ozone.

The No-Zone technology contained in the Scent Killer Air & Space Deodorizer is unscented, unlike other popular commercial deodorizers, so it’s perfect to use in small spaces where hunting clothing and gear are stored. Most of us store our hunting gear in plastic bins, special closets, or large duffle bags, and if they are put away without first being thoroughly clean, it doesn’t take long for the musty funk to seep into clothing, boots, and daypacks. Liberal application of Scent Killer No-Zone can knock down those odors and keep those unwanted smells from permanently setting into your soft gear.

In addition to using Scent Killer No-Zone in bags, bins, and small storage compartments, the formula can also kill odors in larger areas—think RVs, cabins, and closets that are closed for long periods of time.

Should you prefer a bit of outdoorsy aroma, Wildlife Research Center offers No-Zone in a Forest Edge scent. In our book, that’s a far better option than those nasty pine-smelling scent bombs you get from the auto store to hang on your review mirror! The No-Zone in Forest Edge serves to kill unwanted odors plus add a fresh, woodsy scent to your vehicle or wherever you want clean and refreshing breathing.

Another product in the No-Zone line is the Tote Tamer. These are scent-absorbing pucks that easily drop into small bags, bins, or even inside those gnarly hunting boots. Simply place them in with your gear and the deodorizers will absorb odors and the moisture that promotes smelly bacterial growth.

For more information on Scent Killer No-Zone products or the full line of Scent Killer odor management products, visit Wildlife Research Center.

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