Firearm innovator Extar USA has taken its popular EP9 platform to the next level with a much anticipated .45 ACP version, the EP45!

As requested by consumers, Extar kept the same ultra-compact and light weight design. The EP45 is fed using Glock-pattern pistol magazines and thanks to Extar’s unique recoil system, shoots about as softly as the 9mm does; leaving other direct-blowback designs in the dust and challenging some of the best delayed-blowback options.

Another achievement by Extar with the EP45 was engineering a .45 ACP large-format pistol that could be useful as more than just a range toy.

A long-known struggle for many firearms chambered in .45 ACP has been with hollow points. The issue comes from a shorter overall loaded length and lack of a rounded nose to help in feeding.

Extar USA’s Dynamic Feed Control System tackles this issue with a unique system that can run most hollow-point and unconventional projectile designs; turning the EP45 from a range gun into the perfect home or vehicle defense tool but taking advantage of the 45’s naturally efficient energy transfer. Thanks to the 6.5″ barrel users will find that with the right loads the EP45 can generate substantial muzzle energy!

The EP45 Runs Hollow Points!



  • Caliber: .45 ACP
  • Barrel Length: 6.5″
  • Barrel Thread: 5/8-24″
  • Capacity: Up to 30rd
  • Magazine: Glock G21 magazine compatible – 13rd Glock brand magazine included (10rd for restricted states)
  • Overall Length: 23.8″
  • Overall Height: 7.9″
  • Overall Width: 2″
  • Weight (Unloaded): 4lbs. 8oz.
  • Weight (w/Empty Magazine): 4lbs. 11.2oz.
  • Bolt & Barrel Finish: BLACKNITRIDE+
  • Trigger Action: Single-Stage
  • Charging Handle: Left-Side, Reciprocating
  • Receiver Extension: Includes EP Pistol Protector Cover. Compatible with our Extar Stabilizer and the SB Tactical SB-Mini, SBL, SBM4, SOB, SBX-K, or SBV braces. Adding a brace may make the pistol fall under the NFA.

As with all Extar USA products, pricing is kept to a minimum by selling direct to consumer. The Adjustable Receiver Extension is available at

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