Here we take a look at several products destined to elevate your gun room’s function

by the Shoot On staff

As we step further into the new year, envision a meticulously organized gun room that not only reflects your passion but sets the tone for a purposeful and impressive collection-building journey ahead.

Whether you’re a seasoned collector, a passionate shooter, or a devoted defender of your constitutional rights, there are several items that can elevate your gun room to a new level of organization and functionality. Here, we’ll explore the  items that can transform a mere space into a haven for guns and gear.

Lockdown Secure Wall Panel 

Turn any wall into a personalized firearm display using Lockdown SecureWall Panels, available in both standard and heavy-duty versions. Display firearms or pack gear and ammo cans from top to bottom. The panels feature a distinctive stamped pattern and are designed to work with a diverse range of Lockdown accessories and universal peg attachments. Lockdown offers many accessories compatible with the Lockdown SecureWalls. The Lockdown Shelf is ready for your heaviest ammo or gear and is designed to stay flat no matter the weight. Also available is the Handgun Hanger and Long Gun Hanger. Both are made from strong powder-coated metal and vinyl coating to ensure your firearm is secure and protected. Adjust the angle of the firearm with a simple screw adjustment to suit your aesthetics.

Real Avid Master Gun Workstation

The MGW is built on a sturdy metal base that offers ample heft to keep the work project stable. The most adaptive feature of the cradle is the front yoke. Press the button at the base of the front yoke and you can slide it fore and aft with up to 18.3 inches of travel along the support rails. The yoke also has an up and down adjustment range of 2.3 inches, so it is easy to find a level, secure support angle for most long guns. What’s more, the yoke incorporates a form-fitting gripper that accommodates stock forends as well as barrels. This is great for keeping the front of the gun from wobbling while you work. Between the Gun Gripper front yoke, the strong buttstock clamp, and the substantial base, the gun is perfectly positioned and stable while you work. It is a major improvement over the common benchtop gun cradles. The Real Avid Master Gun Workstation has proven itself worth the space. It delivers solid support for working on long guns, is adaptable for a variety of projects, and can remain portable so you can stow it when not in use or clamp or bolt it to your work bench for a more permanent solution.

Hayman Minuteman Safe

The Minuteman is intended to give homeowners the defensive advantage. Since it can be installed out of the way and inside the wall, you can put the safe (or multiple safes) where it makes the most tactical sense in the house. What’s cool about the Minuteman is that it is designed to install inside a wall built with studs on 16-inch centers — standard fare for most frame constructions.

Smart Door Handle Lock with Keypad

The Smart Door Handle Lock has a range of unlocking options. This advanced system includes fingerprint recognition, mobile app control via Bluetooth, personalized passcodes, key fobs, traditional keys, and even voice option for Alexa voice unlock. It is the perfect solution for securing your gun closet.

Tactical Traps- 1791 Whiskey Barrel American Flag with Lift-Up Storage

The Tactical Traps Lift-Up Storage is crafted from an authentic distillery barrel. This piece not only serves as functional art but also offers a compartment with lightning-fast accessibility. Instillation takes just minutes. The RFID locking system ensures top-notch security, allowing the shelf to open in seconds, and includes a built-in emergency lock-out prevention feature. No electricity needed for operation.

Door and Window Alarm for Home Wireless Alarm Security System

When it comes to security, you can never have enough. The Wsdcam Door and Window Alarm Kit activates instantly upon the separation of its two components, the alarm sensor and magnetic latch. Featuring a versatile 4-in-1 functionality — General Alarm, Constant Alarm, Closing Door Alert, and Doorbell — you always know if someone is entering or exiting your most sensitive areas.

Gladiator Modular Work Bench

This workbench features a hardwood top and steel leveling legs that hold up to 1,500lbs of weight. Add a vice, a rubber mat, and maybe a reloading press depending on your needs.

Real Avid Master Gun Vise

Designed for working on guns and accommodating gun tools, we  use this Master Gun Vise  frequently in our DIY projects. It has 360-degree capability, an 8-position locking ball socket and mechanism, and it allows optimal firearm positioning and high-torque applications. Mount to your work bench and you have the perfect set up for your gun haven.

TekMat Gun Cleaning Mat

TekMat is a 17″ cleaning mat big enough to handle a fully disassembled handgun and spare room for tools and accessories. The cleaning mat is 1/8″ thick to protect your firearm from any drop or accident that may happen when working. The surface is a smooth, ultra-soft material that is oil and water resistant.

XS Sights GUNSMITH Series Bundle

XS Sights offers four part numbers for their new Inline Sight Pusher. There is the DIY Series model and the Gunsmith Series model. Additionally, there is the DIY Series Bundle and the Gunsmith Series Bundle. The two former models include only the Inline Sight Pusher Kits while the latter two include the kits as well as XS Sights’ R3D night sights plus the necessary installation materials (gun lube and thread locker). It includes the machined aluminum sight pusher, steel black oxide bolt, combination T-handle and magnetic front sight tool, two brass pusher bits with integrated centering scales, a locking wedge , oil, thread locker, and an R3D tritium sight set. MSRP is $304.98 for the bundle, but keep in mind that includes the sights, which sell for $116 (standard height).

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