New size added for higher weight, longer draw bows

by the Shoot On staff

Easton has announced that the lightweight 6.5 Carbon Matrix will now be available in a 250-spine size. The market has seen a trend toward stiffer arrows to match today’s powerful bows, and the 6.5 Matrix 250 spine will provide bowhunters shooting heavier weights the stiffer arrow they need. The 250 will also be popular with longer draw lengths archers and higher FOC arrow setups.

The 6.5MM Matrix shafts use Easton’s USA-made Acu-Carbon, giving them truer flight and pinpoint accuracy in the field. Acu-Carbon™ is a continuous-fed, single-die manufacturing method that results in the most consistent tolerances and eliminates the need for the spine-alignment and weight-sorting. Matrix is available in a ±.003” straightness or the ±.001” Match Grade. Both models include the 6.5 Insert with a 4x larger front shoulder to boost FOC and add strength.

MSRP per half-dozen: $79.99 (standard) $99.99 (Match-Grade)

For more information on the Easton 6.5 Carbon arrow line-up, see your local archery pro shop or visit Easton Archery.

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