I won’t make any product part of my regular bowhunting regimen without a solid reason—a reason I can see or at least understand.  This is especially true with scent-elimination products. There are so many products in this arena based on somewhat specious claims it’s easy to become suspicious. At least with Wildlife Research Center’s Scent Killer Gold and SuperCharged Scent Killer products I can witness instant results. For example, let’s say I splash gasoline on my gloves while fueling my ATV before a hunt. No problem: spray my gloves down with Scent Killer and that noxious gasoline smell disappears. Experiences like these have made me a believer, but I still wondered exactly how Scent Killer products preformed their magic. So, I turned to Paul Marion, Director of Marketing for Wildlife Research Center to gain insight.


First, it’s important to understand where human odors originate. The biggest contributor of human odors is caused by skin bacteria. Don’t be alarmed. This bacteria is completely natural and part of a healthy epidermal system (the reason antimicrobial soaps aren’t necessarily healthy). This bacteria thrives most of all in moist areas, wetness caused by perspiration on the skin or absorbed by clothing. This is why underarms and crotch areas, or damp clothing wadded in the corner of a duffle, generally generate the loudest human odors, as perspiration is both more prevalent and also trapped. These bacteria feed on dead skin cells and then die to create a mild acid, which is actually where odors begin. Other sources of odors are glandular and food secretions (spices such as garlic or onions most pronounced, for example).


So, the most basic odor elimination starts with washing away bacteria and body oils/secretions, including bathing/ showering in products such as Scent Killer Gold Body Wash & Shampoo or Bar Soap, Scent Killer Bar Soap or Super Charged Scent Killer Body Wash & Shampoo, followed by use of Scent Killer Gold Antiperspirant & Deodorant. In the field, after working up a sweat hanging stands or dogging bugling elk during warm early seasons, Scent Killer Gold Field Wipes help remove accumulated perspiration and resulting odor-causing bacteria.


Products such as Scent Killer Gold Laundry Detergent, Super Charged Scent Killer Clothing Washing (in liquid, powder or Autumn Formula), as well as Scent Killer Autumn Formula Dryer Sheets clean away existing odors, as well as dead skin cells that feed odor-causing bacteria. These detergents continue to kill odor-causing bacteria for days after washing the garment. Just make sure to store washed hunting duds in a de-scented, air-tight container after drying to assure you begin each hunt with fresh attire.


Scent Killer Gold and Super Charged Sprays are the most interesting. They have been proven 99 percent effective at killing odors for up to 10 (Super Charged) to 20 days (Gold) after application by an independent study conducted by Rutgers University. Scent Killer sprays use a three-tiered approach to scent elimination, including agents that combat odors through absorption, chemical reaction and oxidation. Absorption involves solids with microscopic pores that actively attract, absorb and lock up odors, chiefly organic. Chemical reaction is normally best on inorganic or synthetic odors (think vehicle fuel, solvents or oils), attaching to these compounds and altering their molecular makeup, turning them into inert, odorless elements. Oxidation agents attach themselves to compounds like food or smoke odors and break them down (like rust breaks down iron, but much faster), turning them, again, into inert, odorless elements.


Hunt Dry Technology (Super Charged) and Hunt Dry Plus (Gold) are another advantage found in Wildlife Research Center’s Scent Killer products. They allow you to thoroughly spray down a set of hunting togs and wait for them to dry, the scent-killing action is effective for 10 to 20 days. This means you can affordably create a scent-elimination suit with clothing you already own. Even so, I still use Scent Killer sprays to douse boots and pant cuffs before entering a stand site or while checking trail cameras, spraying down my hands or gloves while setting stands or checking cameras to eliminate residual human odors left behind. During hot early seasons spraying down just before the hunt actually cools things off, while during colder fall seasons I allow Scent Killer to dry before entering the field, without sacrificing effectiveness.


Understanding brings confidence. And now that you better understand what makes Wildlife Research Center scent-elimination products tick, you can use them with confidence, making them a regular part of your hunt regimen.


To gain an advantage on the game you are hunting, be sure to check out http://wildlife.com/

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