Anderson AM-9 PCC Giveaway

AM-9 9MM Complete Rifle Assembly 16″

The Anderson AM-9 rifle features a forged 7075 T-6 lower receiver, a closed bolt, blowback operating system with a 9mm, 16 ” 1:10 twist barrel. The AM-9 rifle is designed to support GLOCK 9mm magazines. The lower receiver features a flared magwell, oversized magazine release, and bolt stop to speed up reloading time. The AM-9 rifle and AM-9 lower receivers are American Made with superior quality for less.


Real Avid® Universal Master Cleaning Station™

Upgrade your cleaning experience with the world’s first Master Cleaning Station for rifles, handguns and shotguns. Designed for comprehensive cleaning of handguns and rifles (.22 – .45 caliber) as well as 20 & 12 ga. shotguns. It combines a Next-Gen cleaning mat with an intelligently designed cleaning kit filled with an extensive set of cleaning tools. It keeps easy-to-lose gun parts organized while you work. It provides a huge work area for a completely disassembled long gun, yet rolls up for compact storage in the included bag.


TruGLO® Omnia™ Illuminated Reticle Tactical Scope

Created with modern sporting rifles in mind, OMNIA precision riflescopes are designed with features and performance tailored to the modern rifleman. The 1-4x magnification ranges pair perfectly with a powerful illuminated reticle that offers the best of both worlds for near-field CQB shooting and long distance precision—fulfilling the entire range of tactical carbines. In the OMINA lineup, powerful accessories come standard, including a quick-zoom lever and the purpose-built APTUS M-1 tactical 30mm one-piece mount.


9mm NovX Engagement: Extreme Self-Defense Ammunition (100 Rounds)

65gr / 1,730fps / 432ft/lbs

For gun owners who want to protect themselves with a high performance self-defense bullet without the recoil of a lead +P round will find everything they’re looking for in the stainless steel and poly/copper self-defense cartridge: power, speed, efficiency, accuracy, less recoil and devastating terminal performance.


  • Fluted copper polymer projectile creates massive wound channels
  • Stainless steel casing provides strength, power, alignment, and less weight
  • Fast, flat, accurate, and with less recoil for smoother target reacquisition
  • Reduced bore fouling and corrosion


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