Traditions Performance Firearms revolutionized the modern inline muzzleloaders with its Vortek StrikerFire—a hammerless, break-action, .50 caliber inline, with an easy-to-use sliding button behind the receiver to cock or uncock the rifle. It is lightweight, has storage in the butt stock and features an adjustable, two-stage trigger to help shooters be more accurate and consistent.


The straightforward, silent cocking button lets the shooter slide the striker button forward until it locks, allowing you to shoot immediately. A red dot is exposed to let the shooter know the gun is ready to fire. To uncock the rifle, users push the spring release, behind the cocking button, to let the mechanism slide back or open the rifle’s action, which will automatically uncock the rifle. With no external hammer, hunters benefit with a faster lock time that won’t spook game.


Another benefit of not having an external hammer is the ability to mount scopes closer to the barrel, which makes for faster, smoother alignment when shouldering the StrikerFire for quick shots. The rifle is ambidextrous, offering quick operation of the cocking mechanism and blade-style trigger for left and right-handed shooters. The hinge release, or barrel catch mechanism, is on the front of the trigger guard and easy to access with either hand.


The lightweight, smooth trigger pull will impress shooters. The fully adjustable, two-stage trigger is factory set at 3 pounds. With no creep, it breaks clean for dependable and repeatable results.


Traditions have always offered the best safety features for muzzleloaders. The StrikerFire includes a dual-safety system, with a manual trigger-block, which can be engaged when the gun is cocked, preventing it from going off. It also has an internal striker block as a secondary safety.


The ignition system for the gun operates through an easy-to-remove Accelerator breech plug, which can be inserted or removed without the use of tools. Users must properly lube the threads on the breech plug to maintain one-handed use, even after firing. The primer is inserted directly into the face of the breech that is exposed when the rifle is open. There is no need for a priming tool, with easy access for your fingers. The breech system has O-rings to seal the powder in the barrel and reduce blowback when firing. Some models have an interchangeable Magnum Musket ignition, making it legal to use in Washington, Idaho, and Oregon.


The rifle sports a 28-inch fluted and tapered barrel to reduce weight and help balance the firearm. The chromoly stainless-steel barrel helps to give it a modern look with an overall appeal for a multitude of shooters, and provides lasting strength and accuracy. The barrel length ensures complete powder burn in magnum loads.  Exposed metal parts treated with a CeraKote finish have durability, corrosion resistance, hardness and complete weatherproofing.


With the Vortek line, you can use pellet or loose powder, with excellent accuracy. The rifle’s projectile alignment system allows a bullet to be placed into the recessed barrel, avoiding the need to use a bullet starter. The solid aluminum ramrod is durable and always works under different conditions and temperatures. The simplicity of loading makes this rifle ideal for any shooter.


The quality and craftsmanship show through with maximized accuracy beyond 200 yards. Testing on the range consistently produced shot groups under two inches at 200 yards. The barrel and components, made in Spain, were inspected with a bore scope and showed no defects or flaws. It is extremely well machined and finished, explaining the consistent and accurate results.


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