MTM’s sliding ammo boxes are the perfect solution for wrangling rounds at the range

by the Shoot On staff

Every once in a while, we come across a product and go, “Well, of course! I’ve been needing this since…forever!”

One such product we recently discovered is the sliding ammo box from MTM Case-Gard.

We like to shoot our own handloads whenever possible, but tradition lid-style boxes most suitable for stowing handloads can be a real pain on the range when you’re trying to load a magazine. The MTM sliding ammo boxes fix that handily.

These boxes, available for 9mm and .45 ACP, feature a sliding lid that allows you to select and dump ammo in 5- or 10-round quantities (even more, if you like). No more digging cartridges out of a box with thumb and finger, and no more loose rounds spilling onto the shooting bench.

The boxes hold 50 rounds each and are available in clear green or clear blue plastic. Also included are load labels so you can quickly identify and organize your ammo. MSRP is $3.09.

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