Optics have become an integral part of the modern shooter’s equipment roster, whether for pistols or tactical rifles. Finding the optimal mounting systems, though, can be challenging with so many manufacturers to choose from. Fortunately, TRUGLO—a company dedicated to producing specialized optic and sighting systems for tactical firearms—has developed several different mounting systems to satisfy most any optic installation need. Whether you’re setting up a pistol for a red-dot, an AR for 3-gun competition, or a defensive platform requiring an optic and tactical light, TRUGLO has a mounting system that will work for you.

Of course, optic mounting is only one of the challenges facing today’s shooters. With more firearm enthusiasts looking to do their own work, tools have never figured larger in the shooter’s range bag than they do today. Here again, TRUGLO has answered the call with all the tools needed to work on GLOCK handguns, as well as some helpful workbench assists for the AR-15 fan.

Pistol and AR Optics Mounts

TRUGLO Pistol RedDot Sight Mount

Pistol Red-Dot Sight Mount – This mount secures to the rear sight dovetail of select GLOCK and Ruger Mark II and Mark IV pistols, allowing the installation of an optic without the need to replace or mill the slide for a mounting plate.

TRUGLO Universal MicroDot Sight Riser

Universal Micro Red-Dot Sight Riser – Designed to accommodate micro optics while raising the sight to co-witness height.

TRUGLO Universal Offset RedDot Sight Mount

Offset Universal Red-Dot Sight Mount – Mounts to Picatinny rails in multiple locations, allowing a backup/close-range red-dot to be secured beneath a scope or custom placement of accessory lighting.

TRUGLO Offset Picatinny Rail Mount

Offset Picatinny Rail Mount – This 45-degree mount attaches to Picatinny/Weaver-style rails for multiple accessory placement.

TRUGLO Tactical Scope Mount

Tactical Scope Mount – Easily mounts one-inch or 30mm scopes to a Picatinny rail. The base is reversible to customize placement/eye relief and comes with an adjustable recoil lug.

TRUGLO Picatinny Riser Mounts

Picatinny Riser Mounts – One- and two-piece rails are available in 1-, 1/2-, and 3/4-inch heights for mounting scopes or red-dots to existing Picatinny rails or flattop receivers.


GLOCK Sight Installer and Gunsmithing Tools

TRUGLO GLOCK Sight Installation Kit

GLOCK Sight Installation Kit – A must-have for removing/installing rear open sights on a GLOCK. The sight installer works with standard- and suppressor-height rear sights and includes a front sight installation tool.

TRUGLO Front Sight Installation Tool

Front Sight Tool – Precision-machined with a knurled handle for installing front sights on GLOCK and Walther pistols.

TRUGLO Armorer's Disassembly Tool

Armorer’s Disassembly Tool – This tool features a hardened steel pin in a CNC-machined aluminum body and is required for safely removing frame pins during trigger work.

TRUGLO Mag Disassembly Tool

Mag-Wrench Disassembly Tool – Intended to service GLOCK mags, this tool easily removes the magazine base plate so you can clean the magazine, change base plates, or swap springs.


Gunsmithing Tools

TRUGLO Pistol-Tec Bench Block

Pistol-Tec Magnetic Armorer’s Block – A multi-purpose bench block, this slick tool is a must-have for removing/installing pins in pistols, rifles, and shotguns to prevent damaging the work piece or losing small components.

TRUGLO AR-15 Armorer's Tool

AR-15 Armorer’s Tool – A required tool for serious AR work, this tool goes beyond the standard AR armorer’s wrench by incorporating a hammer, bottle opener, and 1911 barrel bushing tool.

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