It’s become somewhat hackneyed to point out that big game animals, particularly white-tailed deer, live by their noses, but it bears repeating for being so demonstrably true. Hunters normally repeat this truism in relation to scent elimination, the implication being that deer will live long and prosperous lives if we fail to adopt a strict scent-elimination regimen. This is certainly true, but that is only one aspect of deer living and dying by their noses. They use their amazing sense of smell every waking hour not just to avoid danger, but to locate the most nutritious food sources and keep track of one another, especially in direct relation to the rut when perpetuating the species is of paramount importance to the average mature buck.

Big game animals such as deer and elk possess olfactory senses humans cannot even begin to fathom. These animals can, for instance, determine if a certain mineral lick includes the nutrients they currently need for top health, without even taking a taste. They can establish, again just by smell, that one oak tree’s acorns will prove sweeter and more palatable than another. And they can detect an estrous doe from sometimes miles away, given a favorable wind. This makes attraction scents an important part of the hunter’s arsenal, especially in areas where competition for the opposite sex is most intense. Such situations are most commonly discovered in prime Midwestern whitetail habitats where buck-to-doe ratios and herd dynamics prove ideal, but can also occur in “lesser” habitats where deer density is simply low or in harsh environments where ruts dates are by necessity truncated into short, intense affairs to assure fawns arrive at an appointed time to increase their chances of survival. In habitats with fewer mature bucks and non-defined ruts, scents can still prove beneficial for stopping deer in clean shooting lanes for higher-odds shooting.

But to be effective deer or other big game animals must actually get a whiff of your alluring scents. This is most pointed in those low-density habitats mentioned earlier, where fewer deer create more urgency during the rut (which works to your advantage) but there are simply fewer deer to advertise to. It goes to reason that the more wide-reaching your scent, the more noses you will reach and the more prospective targets you will potentially attract.

Enter Wildlife Research Center’s Scent Reflex Technology. Years of research and development have resulted in this cutting-edge, proprietary scent-enhancing technology that makes existing lures even more powerful, farther reaching, and in the case of estrous secretions, creates a more attractive scent for more consistent results. Here’s how it works: Scent Reflex Technology is essentially a powerful scent enhancer. If an average deer can smell a standard lure at—for the sake of round numbers—200 yards, he would be able to detect lure spiked with Scent Reflex Technology from, say, 400 yards. Scent Reflex also makes the sweet smell sweeter, and the sexy smell sexier. This is greatly simplified obviously, but you get the gist.

So you take an industry firebrand and whitetail rut-season standby like Golden Estrus (premier estrus urine packed super fresh and dated, extra sexual secretions added for greater attraction) and add Scent Reflex Technology and you get Super Charged Golden Estrus that reaches farther and proves more attractive to a larger segment of your backyard buck population. You thought it was effective before? Golden Estrus with Scent Reflex Technology promises more results yet.

Scent Reflex Technology is also a big part of Wildlife Research Center’s powerful Synthetic lineup. Synthetics have become more important to hunters as many state game commissions prohibit the use of natural deer urines and secretions due to chronic wasting disease paranoia. Scent Reflex makes these man-made lures more potent, including Estrus Gold Super Premium Synthetic Doe Estrus Scent, Ultimate Buck Lure Synthetic Doe Estrus Scent & More, Synthetic Estrus Premium Synthetic Doe Estrous Scent and Hot-Scrape Premium Synthetic Scrape Scent spray. Scent Reflex Technology is also part of WRC’s Elk Thunder Premium Synthetic Elk Scent for September’s bugling bulls.

Scent Reflex Technology transports Wildlife Research Center’s more than 30 years of scent-lure knowhow into the 21st Century, allowing you to reach more bucks and bulls through the senses they know best—their noses. When it comes to big game, the nose knows. Scent Reflex Technology allows you to cast a wider net and attract more bucks and bulls into your sphere of influence. And that’s a win-win proposition.

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