No-nonsense storage and transport protection at a no-nonsense price

by the Shoot On staff

Do you grow tired of the “gun case shuffle?” You know…take this gun out, put this gun in, go to the range, rinse, repeat…? To put a new spin on an old adage, we prefer “a case for every gun and every gun in its case.”

That can be an expensive proposition, but MTM Case-Gard is ready to assist and save you a few bucks with their new Single Scoped Rifle Case, model #RC51.

The Single Scoped Rifle Case is nothing fancy—meaning there aren’t a lot of upscale features and materials to jack up the price—but it is built to serve the purposes most of us enlist a gun case to deliver. In other words, to get our guns from here to there without incident. This case is also sized to house big rifles with hefty optics.

Designed for scoped rifles up to 50 inches long, the Single Scoped Rifle Case is molded from black high-impact plastic and features four hinges connecting the two case halves. In-between is a pair of quality egg-crate foam sheets to provide impact protection and to keep even heavy rifles from shifting around during transport.

Keeping the two case halves closed are four snap latches—two on either side of the integrated handle and one each on the far ends of the case. For added security, there are four lock holes adjacent to the latches.

Since ATV and UTV transport is part-and-parcel for many shooters and hunters, the Single Scoped Rifle Case boasts tie-down strap grooves along the lid edges. These help keep the case securely strapped to the cargo deck or bed of utility vehicles and minimize the chance of the case slipping beneath the tie-down straps.

Dimensions of the Single Scoped Rifle Case are…

  • Outside: 51.5 x 11.7 x 4.3 inches
  • Inside: 50.5 x 9.5 x 3.2 inches

MSRP is $54.95.

For more info on the Single Scoped Rifle Case or any of the innovative shooting products offered by MTM Case-Gard, visit their website.

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